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How Do MFT and DLP Solutions Fit Together?

MFT and DLP Fit Well Together

Some software solutions work great alone. Some work even better together. Combining managed file transfer (MFT) with adaptive data loss protection (A-DLP) is one such pairing that creates an optimal solution to ensure that the transfer of critical data is secure end-to-end.

When it comes to protecting the privacy and security of mission-critical files exchanged internally, with customers, trading partners, and more, it takes more than simple encryption to deter cybersecurity threats.

Two solutions offered by HelpSystems, as part of their growing security suite, are GoAnywhere MFT and Clearswift A-DLP. They form a natural pairing and are both trusted by organizations around the world to provide enterprise-level protection against data breaches

What Security Protection Does MFT Offer?

Secure MFT – managed file transfer – secures, automates, and streamlines data exchanges between systems, customers, and trading partners. GoAnywhere MFT does so through a centralized dashboard-style point of contact. In addition to encryption and automation, GoAnywhere delivers secure-ad hoc messaging, workflows, auditing, reporting, and more.

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Deploying GoAnywhere provides organizations with a comprehensive solution to clunky homegrown legacy scripts or unsecure file transfer methods. For a deeper level of security than FTP or other protocols, GoAnywhere protects data both in transit and at rest.

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How Does A-DLP Protect Data?

Adaptive data loss protection solutions, such as what HelpSystems offers, replaces sensitive text in a variety of file types (including images) with asterisks, sanitizes documents by removing metadata (comments, author information, and document versions, etc.), and detects and removes identifiable code from emails and attachments – all while allowing files to be sent and received, just minus the offending content.

With A-DLP in place, only the sensitive information and malicious content moving in and out of the network is removed, allowing business to continue uninterrupted. Clearswift monitors this sensitive data before it ever leaves your organization through email, websites, social media, managed file transfer (MFT), or various cloud apps.

For even more layered protection, HelpSystems’ Clearswift offers threat prevention: anti-virus, antispam, antispyware, anti-spoofing, and more.

How Do MFT and DLP Combine for Security?

When paired together, Clearswift and GoAnywhere build layered protection around data transfers from the content contained to the content transferred. While both solutions provide the encryption benefit, A-DLP takes care of content inspection, and MFT ensures the security of the actual file transfer.

With Clearswift in place, there’s no risk of sending visible PII, PHI, or PCI to a recipient, or with sending a document that reveals metadata, or transmitting advanced persistent threats.

With GoAnywhere in place, the movement of files inside and outside of your organization is secure and automated, with the collaboration and data tracking functionality not available with Clearswift alone.

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MFT and A-DLP fit well together and more importantly, fit into an organization’s robust security plan designed to protect critical data across all points in and out of your organization.

See How GoAnywhere and Clearswift Fit Together

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