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Is Automation All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

File transfer being automated

Automation is Key

We’ve all had our moments of being skeptical when something sounds too good to be true. However, automation is no joking matter. Automation is a great way to boost your business by saving time, money, and important resources.


What is Automation?

Automation is the use of electronics and/or computer-controlled devices to assume seamless control of a process. In this case, the process is securely exchanging sensitive data.

Why Utilize Automation?

The main goal of automation is to enhance the key areas that can make or break a business. This is a great reason to utilize automation, however for a more in-depth explanation, the primary benefits of automation for transferring files are:

Cost Reduction

Nobody likes spending a ton of money only to find out later there was a better option available that could have spared you high costs. Automation software is a prime way to cut costs and keep them down systematically. When you spend less time doing tedious tasks or setting up lengthy file transfers, labor costs can be reduced significantly.


As organization’s technology demands continue to grow, productivity concerns also get bigger. With the skyrocketing of computer usage, greater demand has been placed on the system. More trading partners are generating more file transfers; thus, more time is being spent manually transferring files or writing scripts to try and reduce the abundance of manual tasks.

File transfer automation software can increase batch throughput by automating the distribution of file transfers. In the past, computer throughput was limited by how fast operators could work. Today, not allowing the computer to idle while waiting for the operator to release the next file transfer job is often used. However, you can save time and money by eliminating the lag time between file transfers and minimizing operator intervention. In some circumstances, you can trim hours off your process, allowing you to process more work and significantly improve system use, as well.

Once the schedule is established, the file transfer automation software can execute the workflows for transfers precisely and in the correct sequence, thus eliminating human errors. Being able to forecast file transfer completion and having the ability to quickly resume file transfers or troubleshoot failed transfers can eliminate an abundance of the guesswork from daily tasks.


As more organizations transform to digital businesses through the use of technology, the outage of key online systems can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue. High availability is often one of IT management’s primary goals. A key advantage of automation is the ability to automate your save and recovery systems to ensure protection from the potential disaster of disk loss, down file transfer systems, or inadvertent damage to system objects from human error.

Continuous monitoring with a low CPU and communications overhead makes it easier to spot vital network performance trends and ensure high availability for critical file transfers and server connections.


Reliability is the cornerstone of any good IT operations department. Without it, you are bound to end up with confusion, chaos, and unhappy users. Automated operations ensure that jobs are not forgotten about or run out of sequence. Prerequisite jobs are completed successfully, input data is correct, and any special processing is consistently performed. The ability to be reliable upon automation without fail is a strong benefit.


It’s no secret that every company wants to perform at the top of their game, however, this desire can sometimes cause an overburdening workload. Even though advancements in computers can make things go faster and help cut costs, the demands can eventually exceed the level of capability that a company’s computer infrastructure possesses. This is how automation can enhance performance levels and surpass prior obstacles.

Automation is also a great tool for combating user error, something that can have a huge impact on performance.When there is more manual interaction with the exchanging of files, there’s a much higher chance of error. A user may forget to encrypt a file before sending it, could possibly send the wrong file to a customer, or not even notice that a file wasn’t successfully delivered. None of those slip ups are a great presentation of performance and wouldn’t make an organization appear to be at the top of their game.

How Does GoAnywhere Enhance Automation?

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a key solution for transferring sensitive files, particularly when it comes to transferring the files in an automated fashion. If you’re in the midst of planning an automation strategy, look no further than GoAnywhere MFT to enhance your experience with ever-evolving automation.

Automatic file transfer software, like GoAnywhere MFT allows its users to configure when files should move between internal systems, other users, or trading partners. Because it’s often used to manage recurring or high-volume file transfers, other business-critical tasks can be simultaneously pursued and efficiently prioritized.

GoAnywhere MFT lets users quickly automate file transfers and schedule Workflows (Projects) to run using its built-in scheduler or any existing scheduler software. Workflows can be automated, launching whenever a file monitor detects new, modified, or deleted files in targeted folders.

Workflows can be called from local and remote command lines, scripts, and programs using the provided commands and APIs. To execute Workflows based on user activity, triggers can monitor for events like when a file is uploaded or downloaded.

GoAnywhere also has a browser-based administrator. Users can achieve workflow and file automation by executing projects they're authorized to with a single click.

GoAnywhere MFT can not only execute multiple projects with its job management system, administrators can define multiple job queries to group projects that share common characteristics or service level agreements (SLAs).GoAnywhere can also notify you if a file wasn’t delivered or received, plus any transfers that drop mid-exchange can be automatically be resumed where they left off.

Streamline and Automate Your File Transfers

Automation for your file transfers is all it’s cracked up to be. It is a great step towards saving time and cutting down on resources, as well as reducing overall security risks and producing a consistently reliable, top-of-the-game performance. Give GoAnywhere MFT a try and see what it can automate and save for you.


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