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Storing and tracking detailed audit information is crucial for staying compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA, state privacy laws and other regulations. GoAnywhere MFT generates comprehensive audit logs of all file transfer and administrator activity, which can be searched and viewed through the browser-based administrator or distributed as PDF reports on a scheduled basis.



GoAnywhere MFT keeps detailed audit records for all file service activity and workflow processes that run in the product. These include:

  • Workflow auditing
  • File server auditing
  • Administrator logging
  • Tamper-edident logging

Detailed audit log information is captured for all activity in the AS2, FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, and SFTP servers in GoAnywhere MFT. This information includes login attempts, file uploads, downloads, errors and other events. Through the browser-based interface, authorized users can quickly filter, sort, and view log details.

Export audit log results to CSV file format, and share with others or use in applications like Excel. Log messages can additionally be sent to a Syslog server to notify operations personnel of transfer activity, login issues and other errors.

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The advanced reporting module in GoAnywhere MFT allows you to gain access to important system information as PDF documents via dozens of included and cutomizable reports.

You can easily generate reports from within the console, including:

  • File transfer activity
  • User statistics
  • Completed jobs
  • And more

Reports can be filtered by date, user ID and other criteria to view only the relevant information. Both detailed and high-level summary reports are available with informative charts and graphs. Custom Reports can be created using data provided from a database, CSV, Excel, fixed-width, XML, or JSON file.

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Auditing and Reporting Module FAQs

A central log (audit trail) is maintained for all file transfer activity in GoAnywhere MFT. Detailed information is recorded, including the user, start date/time, stop date/time, the file names transferred, files sizes, the completion status and any error messages. From within GoAnywhere MFT administrator, these audit trails can be searched (using a variety of filter criteria), viewed and drilled into for more details. The logs can also be streamed to a central SYSLOG server.

Extensive management and analytical reports are provided, which can be scheduled to run on a reoccurring basis. These reports are in PDF format and can be automatically emailed or stored on the network.

Yes. GoAnywhere MFT can automatically send alerts when transfers fail, succeed or when other conditions are met. These alerts can be sent as email or system messages. For instance, GoAnywhere MFT could immediately email you the error message when it fails to connect to a FTP server. As another example, you could have GoAnywhere MFT send a custom email to someone in your organization when a file is successfully retrieved from a trading partner.

A few years ago, we had more than 100 scripts for file transfers. Now we have everything in one central tool, with good logging in place.

Leon Broeks, IT Consultant, Translink

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