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What is EFSS?

Enterprise File Sync and Share puts the power to collaborate and share securely in your hands

If you’ve ever had to MacGyver a way to send out a too-large file or work with a group of people on a single document, EFSS is probably what you were looking for to make the process painless: it’s a solution that makes sharing files (of any size) and collaborating in one place easy – and secure.

EFSS stands for Enterprise File Syncing and Sharing, also commonly known as Enterprise File Sync and Share.

Companies rely on sharing information and collaborating with both internal and external stakeholders, and EFSS software gives businesses the ability to securely share files internally and with trading partners and customers, whether by moving data from point A to point B or as a way to work on a document together. EFSS software makes file sharing and collaboration efficient, flexible, and secure.

What Makes it Enterprise?

Enterprise File Sync and Share solutions aren’t only for large businesses – they can benefit companies of any size that are searching for a way to securely transfer files or need to collaborate often or across locations. Most of the tools people use in their everyday lives – email, Google Drive, Box, shared photo albums in Apple, to name a few – don’t hold up to the security standards or compliance regulations businesses adhere to, which is where EFSS comes in. EFSS software is built for business needs.

Case Study: Cancer Registry of Greater California

File Synchronization and Sharing

The syncing power of EFSS means the master document stays the master document. No more searching through multiple versions in your downloads or waiting to get back on your office machine to make a quick edit. Users can work on the latest document version from any approved device with enterprise file synchronization.

Sharing files and data is also easier with EFSS – never again wonder how to send that monster spreadsheet over email, or risk putting a sensitive document in Box and incurring the wrath of your security guru. Most EFSS solutions make accessing secure folders and files simple, as well as adding user permissions to those folders. Some EFSS solutions also include the ability to share files of any size by email.

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EFSS anticipates the main downsides of file sharing: unsecure and unauthorized sharing. Whether by sending secure messages and files via HTTPS connection, or by giving you localized control, EFSS gives you the tools you need to keep sensitive data within your organization.

Secure Access from Anywhere

By including security capabilities like end-to-end encryption, tracking features, and audit logs, EFSS solutions provide control that is leaps and bounds ahead of other file sharing and storage tools. With EFSS you can access, edit, and share files from any approved device, and across popular web apps with total security.

Why Use an EFSS Solution?

Make sharing sensitive files and collaborating with colleagues, customers, and trading simple with an EFSS tool. Control your sensitive data – whether on-premises or in the cloud – with GoAnywhere MFT. It’s enterprise-grade file sharing, without the enterprise-grade cost.

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