Licensed Modules

Use these modules to expand what you can do with GoAnywhere MFT.

Depending on your organization’s business needs, compliance requirements, and the scale of your secure file transfer projects, our GoAnywhere MFT solution offers a variety of modules you can license to expand the functionality of your software.

How do licensed modules work?

The following list explores the licensable modules we offer for GoAnywhere. You can unlock these modules by adding a license key to your current GoAnywhere environment at any time—and keep previously purchased features intact. Contact us for information on pricing.

Did you know? Existing customers can try these modules free for 30 days! Just reach out to your sales representative, and they’ll provide a temporary license to unlock the module within GoAnywhere for you.

Advanced Workflows

Advanced Workflows is our most popular GoAnywhere module. It defines the way you configure your file transfers and business processes. When using Advanced Workflows, you can:

  • Design new workflows via an intuitive wizard
  • Use our workflow templates to start defining and processing file transfers quickly
  • Add multiple tasks that execute when a workflow runs, including encrypting or decrypting files, transforming data, and interacting with databases
  • Use popular encryption protocols such as AES, OpenPGP, SSH, SSL, and TLS
  • Schedule workflows using GoAnywhere’s built-in scheduler

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Secure File Servers

Our AS2, FTPS, and SFTP servers allow your clients, trading partners, and other users to securely connect to and exchange files with your organization. Granular security controls can be configured to limit who has access to your file services.

For an overview of the file services we offer, explore these pages:

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Advanced Reporting

Need to send data reports to auditors or maintain compliance with PCI DSS? This feature can help streamline the process. Advanced Reporting generates 20 types of management reports into PDFs. These include:

  • Admin User Activity Details Report
  • Completed Jobs Detail Report
  • Database Statistics Report
  • File Transfer Summary Report
  • Security Settings Audit Report (for PCI DSS compliance)
  • Web User Logins Report
  • Web User Transfer Count Activity Report

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Secure Folders

Secure Folders gives trading partners and customers quick access to authorized folders and files with GoAnywhere’s web client. It can help your team collaborate securely with features like:

  • Easy drag-and-drop interface for file transfers
  • Event triggers for automatic file processing
  • Full audit trails and user logs for all transfer activity
  • Granular permissions for users on server folders

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Secure Mail

Send encrypted messages and files with GoAnywhere Secure Mail. When an email is sent through GoAnywhere’s web client or Microsoft Outlook (using our Outlook plugin), recipients receive an email with a unique link. By clicking this link and entering an optional password, they’ll access the message and files over a secure HTTPS connection.

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MFT Agents

Our remote MFT Agents are lightweight applications that are used to automate file transfers and workflows on remote systems including cloud environments. You can manage agents from a central deployment of GoAnywhere, allowing you to easily configure and schedule transfers across your enterprise.

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Secure Forms

Create custom forms, then send them to users via a public or private URL. Once users access the link, they can upload files and submit information that is then encrypted and delivered to GoAnywhere MFT for processing.

Note: Secure Forms works with Advanced Workflows to kick off projects that process submitted form values and files. 

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Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connectors give you out-of-the-box connectivity with popular cloud and web applications like Salesforce, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Google Drive. Built-in integrations allow you to easily share and retrieve files between these applications and GoAnywhere.

Anyone can download Cloud Connectors from our online marketplace for a free 30-day trial. Once a Cloud Connector is downloaded, add it as a GoAnywhere Resource and start automating workflows. You can also build your own Cloud Connectors using our drag-and-drop designer.

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GoDrive is an Enterprise File Sync and Sharing solution which your coworkers and trading partners can use to securely collaborate documents with each other. It allows users to share, revise, track, and synchronize files across multiple devices.

Whether you need extra security or work in the public sector, GoDrive is the perfect Box or Dropbox alternative, keeping critical information in your private network and away from exterior vulnerabilities.

Note: GoDrive comes with 10 free users! Try it today on Windows, Apple, and Android devices.

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GoFast File Acceleration

Ensure fast transfers with GoFast, which is GoAnywhere’s file transfer acceleration protocol. Considerably faster than FTP, GoFast channels broadcast data packets between clients, servers, and agents using lightweight User Datagram Protocol (UDP). The protocol allows you to:

  • Guarantee file delivery
  • Encrypt files for security in transit
  • Compress files to minimize bandwidth used
  • Create workflows with GoFast tasks

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Other License Considerations

Here are several other options to enhance how you use GoAnywhere MFT.

  • Clustering: Clustering two or more installations of GoAnywhere provides a distributed environment for handling file transfers, plus the benefits of high availability and load balancing.
  • Reverse and Forward Proxy: Keep inbound ports closed with GoAnywhere Gateway.
  • Product Bundles: Be sure to ask about discounts offered for purchasing multiple GoAnywhere modules.
  • Free Modules: An FTP client, FTP server and 10 GoDrive users are available with every installation of GoAnywhere. At purchase, let us know if you want to only use them or add them to your purchased licenses.

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