Automate OpenPGP Encryption with GoAnywhere MFT

If you encrypt or decrypt files periodically and do not need to automate the process, then GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio is the perfect PGP software for you. However, if this is a regular occurrence, you should consider automating your PGP tasks with the GoAnywhere MFT solution.

Automating OpenPGP encryption reduces human error, which helps to ensure the proper selection of files and keys every time. Using an automated OpenPGP solution like GoAnywhere MFT also keeps the data securely on a central server.

With an intelligent workflow engine, GoAnywhere MFT lets you add steps before and after the OpenPGP encryption and decryption processes to perform functions like:

  • After a file is encrypted you could automatically send it to the trading partner via FTP or SFTP and then send an email confirmation.
  • Connect to a remote server, download an PGP encrypted file and then decrypt it on your private network.
  • Schedule OpenPGP encryption, execute it interactively or submit it from a command line prompt.

Taking the next step with GoAnywhere MFT will save time and improve the quality of your file encryption processes.

Compare OpenPGP Studio and GoAnywhere MFT


Digitally Sign
Create Key Rings
Create Key Pairs
Export/Import Keys
Compress Output Files
Automate Encrypt/Decrypt
Workflow and Scheduling
Monitor Files and Folders
Connect to Servers
Manage Authorized Users
Receive Alerts

Take OpenPGP encryption to the next level!

Use GoAnywhere MFT to fully automate your encryption needs.

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