Pricing for GoAnywhere Open PGP Studio

Is Our Open PGP Studio Tool Free?


GoAnywhere offers a free PGP file encryption/decryption tool called Open PGP Studio. It is completely free for you to download and use!

Open PGP Studio does not come with technical support. If you would like a paid support package for Open PGP Studio, please contact us.


Not Sure Open PGP Studio Is What You Need?


Free tools are great for some organizations, but not for all. Open PGP Studio is a perfect choice for small organizations looking to encrypt and decrypt a limited number of files.

However, many organizations need a more robust solution to not only handle PGP encryption/decryption, but also:

  • Automate file transfer workflows
  • Schedule projects and file transfers
  • Provide secure file services, such as AS2, SFTP, FTPS, HTTP, and more
  • Give you auditing and reporting abilities
  • Allow for user and role management

If you’re looking to do more with your PGP file encryption/decryption such as automating that process, consider our full secure file transfer platform, GoAnywhere MFT. See how the solutions compare.

Explore Our Secure File Transfer Solution

GoAnywhere MFT goes beyond Open PGP Studio to give you a centralized, secure platform for file transfer, including automation, encryption, decryption, and more.

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