File Sync & Sharing (EFSS)

What is Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS)?

Enterprise File Sharing makes collaborating with colleagues seamless. Use file sharing and collaboration software to improve your processes.

EFSS, or Enterprise File Syncing and Sharing, is software that gives organizations a way to sync and share files internally and externally with efficiency, flexibility, and security. EFSS commonly works in three ways:

  1. Giving employees the ability to work on files concurrently, while tracking versions, monitoring access, and allowing commenting.
  2. Offering one or more ways to send large amounts of data via email.
  3. Creating shared folders that approved users can access.

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What is a Content Collaboration Platform?

Sometimes considered an evolved version of EFSS, content collaboration platform is a term that encompasses EFSS tools and adds other collaboration tools. The ultimate goal of both is to promote content collaboration and productivity, and they offer a way for organizations to pull the many pieces of information and content they exchange every day into one application.

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Benefits of Secure Sync & Share Tools

Most of the tools people use in their everyday lives – like email, Google Drive, Box, and shared iOS folders, to name a few – don’t hold up to the strict compliance requirements or security standards businesses must adhere to. Some of the benefits of upgrading to a secure to share and file sync include:

  1. Increased Security
    Many collaboration tools offer some encryption, but you may want to opt for a solution that helps you meet security requirements set by PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, and more. Have total control over user content access, and limit which users can access which content to ensure that sensitive data is only seen by the right people.

  2. Efficiency
    Focus on producing work, not the logistics around finding it by giving individuals the power to work together without wasting time in the hunt for content. Being able to quickly share information fosters transparency and more efficient fixes for business problems.

  3. Monitoring
    Monitor views, downloads, and sharing, not to mention alerts that inform you when someone is trying to access something they shouldn’t.

  4. Convenience & Flexibility
    Work from anywhere. Access files on your server from any device – including mobile. Easily send your sensitive data – of any size – included with the convenience of email.

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Risks to Secure Collaboration Tools

While there tend to be fewer security risks when using secure file sync and share tools, the proper safeguards should be put in place during setup. The two main risks with sharing and collaborating on files are:

  1. Potential to lose access and security control
    When using cloud computing platforms for file sharing or collaboration, ensure the platform offers adequate file security to compliment your organization’s security practices.

  2. Inadequate encryption in place
    Any software you use to share data – whether inside or outside your organization – should have encryption in place. While most do, ensure the software you select has comprehensive security controls, especially if you must abide by stringent compliance regulations, as in retail, healthcare, or finance and banking.

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Safeguard Your File Sharing with a Secure Solution

There are a lot of file sharing and collaboration software solutions available today – both free and paid – and finding the solution that meets your business requirements can be difficult. Watch the Webinar “Safeguard Your File Sharing with a Secure Solution” for an overview of secure tools that give you the ability to:

  • Limit access to folders and files with permission-based controls
  • Track files’ revisions, comments, and views
  • Send ad-hoc messages with large files or sensitive data via email

Sharing files and collaborating securely shouldn’t be difficult. Learn how to meet your EFSS needs and bring your file collaboration to the next level!

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