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How GoAnywhere MFT Maximizes File Transfers for the Retail Industry

Secure file sharing for retail

GoAnywhere MFT Secures Customer Data for the Retail Industry

Protecting customer data integrity is crucial for the retail industry. Data breaches are no joke, especially when a company’s reputation is on the line. There really is no room for error when highly sensitive credit card data and other personal information could be compromised by hackers at any moment.

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) helps retail organizations thrive by helping them meet the critical compliance requirements they’re accountable for, securing the integrity of private customer data, eliminating manual processes, and more.

What is GoAnywhere MFT?

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure file transfer solution that simplifies and streamlines the exchange of authorized data between retail organizations and their trading partners.

It safeguards data at rest and in transit, while meeting the requirements for information security required by PCI DSS, Sarbanes-Oxley 404 and 409 (SOX), and more.

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How Does GoAnywhere Safeguard & Simplify File Transfers?

GoAnywhere simplifies and secures file transfer operations for those in the retail industry by doing the following:

  • Translating and converting data to and from popular formats like EDI X12, EDIFACT, and XML
  • Running on key platforms like Windows, IBM i, AIX, UNIX and Linux
  • Supporting secure protocols like FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP(S)
  • Encrypting data using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES and Triple DES algorithms
  • Meeting popular encryption methods like Open PGP and Zip with AES
  • Complying with PCI DSS file transfer requirements and other primary mandates: SOX, Federal and State business tax codes, Non-Bank Financial Services Rule, and Federal Trade Commission regulations

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File Transfers for the Retail Industry

Secure file sharing is utilized by the retail industry on a daily basis to:

  • Secure data transfers and the integrity of private data required by SOX
  • Protect data in compliance with PCI DSS
  • Safeguard data at rest and in transit
  • Meet FTC regulations for tax filings, inventory controls, and price monitoring
  • Ensure that tax filings are based on secure, reliable, and confirmable information
  • Implement internal policies that conform to Non-Bank Financial Services Rule
  • Maintain the security and integrity of file transmissions
  • Control access to sensitive documents with user and group roles
  • Automate and manage file transfers via a web-friendly dashboard
  • Centralize file transfer processes to control file access
  • Support transferring EDI X12 files to and from AS2 trading partners
  • Streamline file transfer processes and workflows
  • Authenticate users so only intended parties can access data
  • Reduce costs and free up staff

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Real Ways GoAnywhere Has Helped Retail Organizations

GoAnywhere has worked with numerous retail organizations over the years to save them time, money, and transfer sensitive customer data securely without error.

Here are two examples of how GoAnywhere helps retail organizations to improve their file transfers:

Kwik Trip

One of Kwik Trip’s top priorities is managing secure data transfers between their data center and all of the states’ Department of Revenue offices. Initially, Kwik Trip’s IT staff was spending a significant amount of time focusing on getting the right files going to the correct recipients. Whether sending fuel tax reports, cigarette and tobacco taxes, or other required information, the process was inefficient and needed to be refined.

Enter GoAnywhere MFT; After implementing the secure file transfer solution, Kwik Trip was able to organize the workflows and communicate effortlessly with the IBM i to send and track statuses of the files needed for the Revenue Departments.

Kwik Trip primarily uses GoAnywhere to securely and efficiently exchange files with outside trading partners, but they also utilize the solution for a variety of projects, including a quarterly update of customer addresses. With the help of GoAnywhere, Kwik Trip’s IT staff completes more than 500 jobs in a single day and almost 20,000 projects a month.

They also take advantage of GoAnywhere’s support for multiple alternative connections and the error notification features that help Kwik Trip to quickly identify and address any glitch in the file transfer process.

Woolrich Apparel

As a retail and manufacturing company living in the modern age, Woolrich Apparel (Woolrich) found it needed a secure file transfer solution that would enable them to be PCI DSS compliant and one that was flexible enough to work with their trading partners’ guidelines.

Along with performing Open PGP encryption on the System i, GoAnywhere helps Woolrich to transfer encrypted information to their health insurance provider in a much less cumbersome manner. Woolrich also utilizes GoAnywhere to communicate with other business partners when transferring sensitive payroll information to the bank.

Get the Datasheet: Meeting PCI DSS Requirements

Are Your File Transfers PCI DSS Compliant?

Stay ahead of PCI DSS compliance requirements for your important data transfers with Managed File Transfer.

Discover how an MFT solution can help your organization avoid the common pitfalls of compliance, which specific PCI DSS requirements MFT can address, and discover the key features you need to look for in our guide: PCI DSS Compliance with Managed File Transfer.

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