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What is Electronic File Transfer?

The act of transferring files electronically

Meet Electronic File Transfer

If your IT department is still relying on outdated methods like FTP, PC tools, or legacy scripts to meet your organization’s data transfer needs, now is the time to consider a better option – an electronic file transfer solution.

What is Electronic File Transfer?

Electronic File Transfer (EFT) refers to any system or process that utilizes an electronic format and protocol to send and receive sensitive data files.

The heart of electronic file transfer is secure data movement. EFT solutions utilize file transfer protocols and encryption standards to automate, centralize, and streamline inbound and outbound file transfers, both in transit and at rest.

The Key Benefits of Electronic File Transfer

Organizations in every industry can find value in electronic file transfer. Here are the top two key benefits of using an EFT solution for transferring your organization’s sensitive data:

Benefit 1: Better Cybersecurity

Electronic file transfer solutions enhance an organization’s cybersecurity by providing access to advanced auditing and reporting, supporting the latest security controls and protocols, and securing files in transit and at rest.

Audit logs help organizations track file transfer activity from start to finish and can be generated for all file transfer and administrator activity. Additionally, reporting metrics provide important and easy-to-maneuver PDF reports on job details, security settings, expiring keys and certificates, and more.

Electronic file transfer solutions also support extensive security controls for organizations with their ability to set password policies, authenticate users with identity/access management features, and offer customizable permissions to keep unauthorized users or admins out. These features better help organizations track who is editing, viewing, and sending the sensitive files.

Furthermore, EFT solutions encrypt file transfers in transit and at rest with the use of the leading technologies for securing data, such as Open PGP and more.

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Benefit 2: Improved File Transfers

With an electronic file transfer solution in place, organizations can improve and automate their electronic file transfers from one easy-to-use interface. EFT solutions improve file transfers by helping those responsible keep track of file movement with the use of job monitoring, scheduling, and workflow automation.

Job monitoring takes the extra steps out of file observation as it can notify the organization at hand of failed file transfers, auto-retries, and more. This helps to prevent wasted time troubleshooting, gets organizations the immediate notifications they need if an error has occurred, and allows dropped transfers to resume in a timely fashion.

Another bonus, built-in scheduling, allows organizations to create recurrent tasks and choose when jobs should and shouldn’t run.

Electronic file transfer solutions also simplify and automate high volumes of file transfers with workflows. These projects are easy to design and keep your transfers streamlined throughout the entire process. Workflows can be automated to execute whenever a monitor detects new, modified, or deleted files in a targeted folder. With EFT solutions, projects can also run concurrently.

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The Best Electronic File Transfer Solution – GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) is an electronic file transfer solution that automates and secures file transfers using a centralized enterprise-level approach.

Incorporating MFT software will save you time and money, improve security, and simplify your file transfers.

Learn more about GoAnywhere MFT and how it can serve your organization by checking out our detailed guide.

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