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Cybersecurity and the Coronavirus

FEATURED BLOG: How the Coronavirus is Impacting Your Data Security

As the coronavirus continues to generate headlines around the world, it’s not just your health at risk – your private data is at risk too.

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Why you should use scheduled file transfer software

Why You Should Use Scheduled File Transfer Software

Scheduled file transfers make your life easier. Rather than manually executing task after redundant task, let file transfer software handle the nitty gritty – all while boosting your reliability, security, and scalability.

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The many terms of MFT

The ABC's of MFT

Does your tech terminology get twisted? Ours too. The good news? The GoAnywhere Glossary. It’s the perfect resource to learn about MFT and relevant tech jargon.

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How MFT and DLP Fit Together

Pair Your Enterprise File Sharing Solution with Data Loss Prevention

Encryption is just one piece of the puzzle. If you have sensitive data that needs sharing, enterprise file sharing solutions and DLP are an optimal pair for elevated security.

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35 new cybersecurity jokes and puns to make any security geek chuckle

35 Cybersecurity Jokes to Make Any Security Geek Chuckle (or Groan)

Need a new cybersecurity joke to start off your next team happy hour or a fresh funny graphic for an upcoming PowerPoint? Check out the latest cybersecurity jokes, puns, and one-liners of 2020.

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Strong cybersecurity helps small businesses stay open after a data breach

Cybersecurity for Small Businesses | Plans and Templates

Data breaches hurt. Whether cybercriminals hit a global brand or the coffee shop around the corner the impact packs a punch. Find out how small business cybersecurity plans and templates can help ease the pain of a data breach.

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TFTP vs. SFTP: What should you use for your file transfers?

TFTP vs. SFTP: The Key Differences

Learn about TFTP, Trivial File Transfer Protocol, and how it compares to SFTP, one of today's most popular secure file transfer protocols.

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The right file encryption software

Why You Should Use File Encryption Software

Encryption is the “key” to keeping your data safe. File encryption software that secures sensitive files at rest and in motion is essential when it comes to guarding against cyber threats and complying with regulations.

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MFT and DLP Address Four Network Security Challenges for Remote Workforces

Four Network Security Challenges for Organizations with a Remote Workforce

Network connections and file transfers can up the risk for a security breach, especially with remote workforces in place. Learn how MFT and DLP can both offer protection from cybersecurity threats.

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Graphic showing MFT and DLP Paired in Action for Data Security

3 Powerful Examples of MFT and DLP Paired in Action

Get real-world examples of how managed file transfer and data loss protection solutions add the layers of security organizations need today.

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The government and MFT working together

How Government Organizations Secure Data with GoAnywhere MFT

Government agencies face many significant regulations and security policies when it comes to protecting sensitive data. GoAnywhere MFT is an executive option for securing data and meeting requirements.

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