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which is better: an SFTP solution or an MFT solution?

FEATURED BLOG: Which is Better: SFTP vs. MFT?

SFTP or MFT file transfer solutions? That is the question. In this article, we compare secure FTP protocol solutions to MFT solutions to determine why an organization might need to choose one over the other.

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What is PGP and How Does It Work?

PGP encryption, a popular cryptographic technology, locks down sensitive data to help give cybersecurity assurance to both senders and recipients.

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3 Reasons to Enhance MFT With Fast File Transfer Solutions

Learn what fast file transfer and accelerated file transfer tools can do for your organization and why you don’t need to give up security and workflow capabilities for speed.

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Who is Protecting Your Healthcare Records?

The healthcare industry is one of the most-targeted, and patient data is often overexposed and less of a priority than expected. Discover the latest stats on healthcare cybersecurity and learn why it might be time to switch to a Secure Managed File Transfer solution for your encryption needs.

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Cybersecurity and risks

The Biggest Cyber Risks Organizations Face Today

Organizations that handle sensitive data face looming cyber threats on a constant basis. Based on data collected from real attacks, see which cyber risks are the most predominant.

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What Sets GoAnywhere MFT Apart

Learn what makes GoAnywhere a top-of-the-line solution for Managed File Transfer.

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ed caution sign overlaid on a map of South America

Why Banking Growth in Latin America Correlates with Cybercrime

Why is the banking industry in Latin America under attack? Discover the trends that have led to a growth in online banking and cyber threats throughout Latin America.

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MFT Solution Implementation

How to Know it's Time to Implement an MFT Strategy

Organizations today rely heavily on the exchange of digital files to conduct essential business on a daily basis. However, there is often concern about the security of the file transfers. MFT software is the key solution to this challenge.

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How to Use Cloud Data Transfer Solutions Effectively

Learn how FileCatalyst’s suite of solutions can help you make the most of cloud data transfer and how you can use it quickly and securely.

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Man shown frustrated when transferring files. MFT can help.

Top 12 File Transfer Frustrations

Transferring files is a necessity but can come with a few frustrations. Explore some data exchange pet peeves and how MFT can help resolve them.

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5 Topics You Should Know About in the World of Cybersecurity

Avoid data breaches by keeping up to date with the most recent news and guidelines within the world of cybersecurity.

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