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Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] named Cybersecurity Leader of 2016 for Excellence-in-class in Secure File Transfer and Data Encryption

Linoma Software has been named by Cyber Defense Magazine as one of the top 20 Cybersecurity leaders of 2016 for innovations in the field of information security. The list was released last month during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

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No Such Thing as a Free File Transfer, Part 3: Are Your File Transfers Holding Back Business Growth?

A robust managed file transfer solution implemented now is key to business growth—and increased profits—down the road. The third installment of this series on the ROI of managed file transfer solutions focuses on how investing in MFT can help you scale your business.

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No Such Thing as a Free File Transfer, Part 2: Cost-effective Security

A software solution to secure your file transfers can bring you a great return on investment. Learn how to mitigate risk and protect your bottom line by choosing the right data security solution without breaking the bank.

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No Such Thing as a Free File Transfer, Part I: How MFT Saves Time

Using basic or free FTP tools will likely cost your company significantly more than the investment in a sophisticated managed file transfer (MFT) solution for exchanging data. Learn how MFT has a better ROI than any other file transfer solution in the first installment of our article series examining the pros and cons of free vs. paid solutions.

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File Transfer Automation Explained

File transfer automation is a powerful tool, as it reduces human error and increases accuracy; plus, you still get communication about everything that is taking place.

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Four Modern Alternatives to FTP Explained

Organizations rely heavily on the legacy FTP protocol to transmit files but, over time, the security of this method has been tested by hackers. Modern protocols provide a better alternative.

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Custom Online Forms Made Simple and Secure with Latest Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] Product Update

Linoma Software builds on the security and automation capabilities of GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer with the introduction of Secure Forms in version 5.3.

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How Managed File Transfer helped a Healthcare Organization Save Time and Money

One of the largest pediatric health systems in the US used managed file transfer to save time and money while securing files and maintaining compliance.

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HelpSystems Acquires Linoma Software to Meet Rising Security Demand

HelpSystems announces the acquisition of Linoma Software, whose secure managed file transfer and data encryption products have propelled exciting growth.

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