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Centralize Student, Faculty and Staff Data Security for Improved Compliance

Postsecondary Schools are entrusted with protecting confidential student information both university-wide and in the exchange of data with authorized third parties.

GoAnywhere MFT helps you meet your FERPA, PCI DSS, GLBA, FISMA and HIPAA compliance obligations by:

  • Encrypting data at rest and in transit
  • Rotating encryption keys and certificates
  • Satisfying the requirements for information integrity
  • Auditing all transfers and user changes to file transfer configurations
  • Centralizing user administration
  • Enforcing password policies
  • Restricting length of time for file storage
  • Generating reports that prove compliance

GoAnywhere MFT At-A-Glance for Educational Organizations

Secure Protocols

Supports all secure protocols: FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP(S), PeSIT, and AS2


Includes popular encryption methods: Open PGP and Zip with AES encryption


Runs on most platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, Mac OS, AIX and UNIX, and VMware


Translates data to and from popular formats like EDI X12 and EDIFACT, Excel, XML, and JSON

Educational institutions are high risk for data breaches. Colleges and universities routinely collect, use and store extensive personal information including social security numbers, health records, credit card numbers, employment records, academic and disciplinary files, and financial information on students (and their families), donors and alumni.

Students trust that their records will not be shared with unauthorized parties, so institutions must be a vigilant steward of this data:

  • Implement a campus-wide solution to protect data and secure file transfers
    GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer has centralized controls, support for popular transmission protocols, and ease-of-use that will prevent redundant efforts and empower authorized users to send sensitive data with confidence.
  • Become compliant with data privacy regulations
    Detailed audit logs and reporting will satisfy compliance regulations which require documentation of where confidential data is transmitted. GoAnywhere MFT automatically records and retains logins, file transfer transactions and any encountered errors.
  • Reduce costs and free up resources
    Automated processes and transaction alerts allow IT staff to disconnect from business processes, spending more time on other mission critical tasks and projects.

It works. It always works. We have never had a problem from the day it was installed. Updates are a breeze. New functions are being added all the time. Integration with IBM i native functions is outstanding.

Mike C. , Chief Information Officer | Higher Education

Templates and the graphical user interface [in GoAnywhere] offer the ability to quickly customize FTP jobs that need it. For every project it's helpful.

Ron B. , Senior Systems Administrator | Northwestern University

Integration and flexibility. It just works for us with minimal configuration, day after day. We could run it in a5x9's or 2x9's kind of configuration as we need too. That flexibility is just terrific. Did I also say it's really cost-effective too?

Brian R. , System Administrator | Higher Education

Sampling of Customers

Case Studies

Northwestern University Case Study

When old hardware running manual scripts for transfers became obsolete, Northwestern University was tasked with replacing their systems with a secure solution that was feature-rich but not too complex or expensive. Running on a newer Linux 5 server, GoAnywhere encrypts and automates over 115 ongoing FTP projects. The university uses GoAnywhere for everything from processing applications and test scores to validating students for controlled garage access.

University of Cincinnati Case Study

For one university, using a normal file transfer solution wasn't enough for their needs. Discover why The University of Cincinnati chose GoAnywhere MFT to reliably transfer and translate their research data on their weather gathering expedition in Alaska.

Kansas City Public Schools Case Study

When Kansas City Public Schools moved to Windows, they knew they would need automation solutions robust and flexible enough to handle the needs of the district’s 35 centers and 15,000 students. By combining JAMS Workload Automation and GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer, KCPS was able to move files and schedule jobs with increased visibility and efficiency.