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How GoAnywhere MFT Helps Education Receive an A+ in Secure File Transfer

Transferring files in education

GoAnywhere MFT is the Best in Class

The education industry is entrusted with confidential and high-risk student, faculty, and third-party data all year round. From enrollment material to personal information like social security numbers and employment records, educational institutions must be vigilant in protecting data.

No matter if on or off campus, implementing an A+ solution to secure file transfers and prevent data breaches is critical for educational institutions that are routinely tasked with collecting and sharing sensitive data.

With GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) in the cybersecurity curriculum, you will be equipped to “superintend” your file transfer process with ease and ensure no data is shared with any unauthorized parties.

What is GoAnywhere MFT?

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure file transfer solution that meets essential compliance requirements and works for educational organizations to centralize student, faculty, and staff material. It supports all popular transmission protocols, streamlines the translation and movement of data between trading partners, and safeguards file transfers through modern encryption technology and authentication methods.

How Does GoAnywhere Safeguard & Simplify File Transfers?

GoAnywhere simplifies and secures file transfer operations for those in education by doing the following:

  • Complying with FERPA and PCI DSS transfer requirements
  • Encrypting data using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES and Triple DES algorithms
  • Working with popular encryption methods like Open PGP and Zip with AES
  • Running on key platforms like Windows, IBM i, Mac OS, and Linux
  • Supporting secure protocols like FTPS, SFTP, and HTTP(S)
  • Translating and converting data to and from popular formats like EDI X12, EDIFACT, and XML

File Transfer for the Education Industry

IT and security professionals in the education space used secure file transfer on a daily basis to:

  • Audit all transfers and user changes to file transfer configurations
  • Authenticate users so only intended parties can access data
  • Automate and manage file transfers via a web-friendly dashboard
  • Centralize user administration
  • Comply with strict industry and federal data privacy regulations, requirements, and standards
  • Encrypt data in transit and at rest
  • Enforce password policies
  • Generate reports that prove compliance and SLAs
  • Integrate with popular cloud and web applications like Salesforce and SharePoint
  • Manage and monitor large volumes of data every day - simultaneously saving time, money, and valuable resources
  • Replace manual processes and legacy scripts with robust file transfer automation
  • Run scheduled workflows for hands-off file transfer job completion

Real Ways GoAnywhere Has Helped the Education Industry

GoAnywhere has worked with a variety of educational organizations and businesses over the years to save them time, money, and transfer sensitive patient data without error securely.

Here are some examples of how GoAnywhere helps real educational providers to improve the security of their students’ and faculties’ private information.

Northwestern University

This university started with a legacy solution that relied on custom scripts for transferring files. Their administration came to a decision that their homegrown solution wasn’t making the grade, so they went to the market for a more robust solution with a better user experience.

They needed an application with sufficient, yet simple reporting and a solution that provided a framework for standardization and more structure. They also were looking for a tool that wasn’t overly complex and expensive.

GoAnywhere MFT has proved to be a first-class fit for Northwestern’s needs. The tool automatically encrypts, compresses, and decompresses files, while automated workflows replace manual and timely processes. Plus, the ease-of-use, flexibility, and customization serve as welcome characteristics of the solution.

Read the full story to learn more about how Northwestern University sends secure file transfers with GoAnywhere MFT.

University of Cincinnati

A managed file transfer solution like GoAnywhere MFT is typically not the first thing you think of when you consider the checklist for a weather gathering expedition in remote Alaska. However, that’s exactly what the University of Cincinnati needed.

Following their goal to construct and monitor remote, unmanned weather gathering sites in near real-time while using standard equipment, this university knew they were going to need some assistance. In order to achieve their goal from thousands of miles away, they needed to get their hands on a solution that could withstand northern Alaska weather and send the collected data back for analysis to the university.

GoAnywhere MFT was called on to help solve the university’s file management challenge. Impressed with the powerful simplicity of the solution, they used GoAnywhere as the link to retrieve, translate, and send the required data from their research facility back to Cincinnati. They found the solution to be cost-effective and sufficiently equipped to provide proven results.

Read the full story to learn more about how the University of Cincinnati achieved reliable file transfers and data translation with GoAnywhere MFT.

Kansas City Public Schools

Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) is a large school district that serves over 15,000 students, with just one developer tasked with moving files. After the turn of the century, KCPS ran into compatibility issues and problems with sufficient task scheduling. They needed a managed file transfer solution that would allow them to move files between the right systems and applications.

They were also in need of a solution with job scheduling, along with centralized visibility, flexibility, and tracking. As well as meeting KCPS’ original needs, GoAnywhere MFT’s automation capabilities has been used to streamline business processes like inventory management, the onboarding process for new hires, and more.

Along with reducing the reliance on a single employee, GoAnywhere MFT helps this Kansas City school district to run jobs including:

  • Securely transmitting bank files
  • Creating and distributing CSV files and reports
  • Database backups
  • Photo transfers for badging systems
  • Report and CSV creation and distribution
  • Transportation and bus routing

Read the full story to learn more about how Kansas City Public Schools provides strategic automation with GoAnywhere MFT.

Get an A+ in Secure File Transfer with GoAnywhere MFT

With a secure file transfer solution like GoAnywhere MFT in place, you can be confident that high-risk data will be protected, and file transfers will remain streamlined and secure both on and off campus.

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