Open PGP for IBM i (iSeries)

GoAnywhere MFT for IBM i (iSeries) includes native commands for performing Open PGP encryption and decryption functions directly on the IBM i. These commands can be placed in CL programs, the job scheduler or run from IBM i menus.

With GoAnywhere MFT, files can additionally be digitally signed with a private key on the IBM i.  In turn, you can verify your partner's signature with their public key.

IBM i Open PGP Encryption Command

GoAnywhere MFT's Open PGP encryption and decryption processes have been verified for interoperability with many other PGP and Open PGP products, including GPG (GnuPG).

Open PGP Key Management

A comprehensive Key Manager is provided in GoAnywhere MFT to allow for the management of Open PGP public and private keys. This Key Manager can be used to create keys, change keys, view keys and import keys. These keys can be utilized within GoAnywhere MFT for automating Open PGP data encryption and decryption within your organization. This Key Manager can also be used to export public keys for sharing with your trading partners.


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