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What is GPG?

GPG for File Transfers

What is GPG?

GPG, also known as GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG), is a different adaption, but popular implementation of the Open PGP standard as defined by RFC 4880.

GPG in Depth

GPG is an open-source standard and strong alternative to the official PGP software owned by Symantec. It was developed by Werner Koch and released in 1999 as an alternative to Symantec’s software suite of encryption tools.

It's available as a free software download and is based on the Open PGP encryption standards established by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). This ensures that GPG is interoperable with Symantec's PGP tools, as well as Open PGP standards.

With GPG, users can open and decrypt files encrypted by PGP and/or Open PGP, meaning it works well with other products. It also provides support for S/MIME and Secure Shell (SSH). Overall, GPG provides an interface for users to easily encrypt their files.

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GPG Encryption

As GPG follows Open PGP standards, it provides users with free, easy-to-use file encryption. It also provides the tools needed to allow users to interface with a GUI or command line to integrate encryption with emails and operating systems like Linux.

With its combination of asymmetric (Public + Private Key) cryptography and symmetric (Secret Key) cryptology, GPG encryption provides a high level of data protection. By transforming plain, readable text into a complex code of unreadable characters, GPG encryption provides essential privacy missing from online communication. Additionally, GPG addresses the issues of data authentication and non-repudiation with the ability to "sign" files via embedded digital signatures.

GPG is often used by banks, financial institutions, healthcare organizations, and other highly regulated industries in order to protect their most sensitive files.

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Using MFT for GPG Decryption and Encryption

If you need to integrate your GPG encryption/decryption processes into a solution that also supports enterprise-level compliance, automation, auditing and reporting, and provides an integrated Key Management System, GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) supports both Open PGP and GPG for encrypted file transfers. You can use GoAnywhere MFT to decrypt files that were encrypted with GPG, while your trading partners can also decrypt files (which were encrypted with GoAnywhere MFT) using GPG.

GoAnywhere MFT provides robust support for GPG, allowing you to:

  • Encrypt files with one or more Public Keys
  • Decrypt files with Private Keys
  • Sign files with Private Keys
  • Verify digital signatures in files using Public Keys
  • Generate full audit logs of all PGP encryption and decryption processes

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Start Using Open PGP Today

Open PGP Studio is a free PGP file encryption tool and solution that can encrypt, decrypt, sign files, and verify documents for IT teams and users.

If you store, process, or transmit files containing sensitive information, this free PGP tool is a great introduction to discovering your encryption needs.

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