Secure Shell (SSH) is a widely used protocol to secure network communications and file transfers. SSH uses a combination of asymmetric and symmetric cryptology to provide strong encryption and optimal performance.


The following features in GoAnywhere MFT use SSH:

SSH Authentication


GoAnywhere MFT can authenticate a user account or connect to an SSH server using the following methods:

  • Password based authentication where a user name and password is supplied
  • Key based authentication where a user name and an SSH key is supplied. Key based authentication has the benefit of being able to use the same key for multiple servers and eliminates password management
  • Two-factor authentication where a user name, a password and an SSH key is supplied. Two-factor authentication offers the highest level of security

SSH Keys


A comprehensive Key Manager is provided in GoAnywhere MFT to work with SSH keys. The Key Manager can be used to create public and private SSH keys, import and export keys, and to view key properties.

The private keys can be associated with SFTP and SCP server configurations in GoAnywhere MFT for identification of those servers. Private keys can also be utilized when connecting to SSH servers using key based authentication. The public keys sent to you by trading partners can be imported and associated to user accounts to allow key based and two-factor authentication.

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