Getting Started with GoAnywhere MFT: Guides and Tutorials

If you are new to GoAnywhere, we encourage you to watch our Getting Started Guides. Then follow along with our tutorials on how to perform common functions in GoAnywhere MFT.

Getting Started Guides

Overview Overview of GoAnywhere MFT

Take a tour of GoAnywhere MFT and learn about the browser-based interface, custom dashboards, user management, workflows, and file transfer services.

File Transfer Services Overview Getting Started with File Transfer Services

Learn how to get started with file transfer services, such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, AS2, and GoDrive.

Projects Overview Getting Started with Projects

Get an overview on how to design Projects to transfer data, encrypt, and automate processes.

Automate Projects Automating Project Workflows

File transfers and workflow processes can be automated to run at predefined Schedules, executed when Monitors find new files, or kicked off using Triggers when specific events occur.

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General How-To Tutorials

Scheduling Automated Workflows
In this tutorial, learn how to schedule automated workflows using the built-in scheduler.

Encryption & Decryption Within a Workflow
Get a walkthrough of the process of a workflow that encrypts and decrypts a set of files.

How to Set Up a SharePoint Cloud Connector
In this tutorial, learn how to set up a SharePoint Cloud Connector.

How to Modify RowSet Data
In this tutorial, learn how to modify RowSet data.

How Secure Forms Work
In this tutorial, learn all about Secure Forms and how they work.

Using Snippets to Share Project Logic
Snippets are small sections of Project logic that can be reused across multiple workflows. They are a way to make consistent changes across multiple Projects. This saves time and ensures quality when the same actions can be repeated through several Projects. Snippets can contain just a few lines of logic or can be much more complex if needed.

How to Encrypt and Sign Files using PGP
PGP encryption protects sensitive information allowing you to share files safely with your trading partners. Learn how to import PGP keys and use them to encrypt and sign files.

How to Decrypt Files with PGP
Learn how to decrypt files using PGP and GoAnywhere Workflows.

How to Import a CSV File into a Database
Learn how to read in the contents of a CSV file and load the records into a database.

How to Automate Processes with Web Service API’s using Cloud Connectors
Learn how to configure and use Cloud Connectors in Project Workflows.

Using Google Authenticator and Time-based One-Time Passwords
Learn how to configure Time-based One-Time Passwords and how to log in with Google Authenticator.
How to Integrate Salesforce with Your File Transfers
Learn how to download the Salesforce Cloud Connector and use it to automate account creation, manage contacts, and more.

Getting Started with Domains
Learn how to virtually segment a GoAnywhere installation into multiple security zones.

Converting Scripts to Projects
Learn how to convert an SFTP shell script into a managed file transfer project.

Introduction to JSON and RESTful Web Services
An introduction to the basics of JSON and RESTful web services.

Read JSON Data and Insert it into a Database
Learn how to read data from JSON files using the Read JSON task in GoAnywhere MFT and insert the data into a database table.

Query a Database and Write the Data to JSON
Learn how to query two database tables and write the data to a JSON file using a join statement.

Using the SQL Wizard
Learn how to quickly build SQL SELECT statements using the Project Designer's SQL Wizard.

Two-factor Authentication Using SSH Keys and Passwords for SFTP
Learn how to configure a Web User to use two-factor authentication (SSH keys and a password) when authenticating with GoAnywhere’s SFTP service.

AS2 Tutorials

How to Enable SSL for HTTPS/AS2 Server Connections
Learn the process to create an SSL certificate, have the certificate signed by a certificate authority, and assign the certificate to the HTTPS service.

Configuring the AS2 Client to Send AS2 Messages
The AS2 client is used to automate the transfer of data with an AS2 service. Learn how to configure the AS2 client in GoAnywhere MFT, create a Project to send an AS2 message, and then process the MDN receipt.

How to Configure the AS2 Service to Receive AS2 Transfers
Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) is a method used to securely send files over the internet. Learn how to configure AS2 in GoAnywhere MFT to enable encryption, signatures, compression and the use of receipts for delivery confirmation.

Configuring Web User Accounts to Receive AS2 Messages
After your AS2 Service is configured, you need to provision user accounts to access the service. Learn how to create and configure Web Users in GoAnywhere MFT that are used to transfer data using AS2.

EDI X12 and EDIFACT Tutorials

How to Import an EDI X12 Document into a Database
Learn how to read data from an EDI X12 document using the Read EDI X12 task in GoAnywhere MFT and insert the data into a database table.

How to Query a Database and Write the Data to an EDI X12 Document
Learn how to query a database table and write the data to an EDI X12 document using the Write EDI X12 task.

How to Import an EDIFACT Document into a Database
Learn how to read data from an EDIFACT document using the Read EDIFACT task in GoAnywhere MFT and insert the data into a database table.

How to Query a Database and Write the Data to an EDIFACT Document
Learn how to query a database table and write the data to an EDIFACT document using the Write EDIFACT task.

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