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Tutorials for GoAnywhere MFT

If you are new to GoAnywhere, we encourage you to watch our Getting Started Guides. Then follow along with our tutorials on how to perform common functions in GoAnywhere MFT.

Getting Started Guides

Overview Overview of GoAnywhere MFT
Take a tour of GoAnywhere MFT and learn about the browser-based interface, custom dashboards, user management, workflows, and file transfer services.
File Transfer Services Overview Getting Started with File Transfer Services
Learn how to get started with file transfer services, such as FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, AS2, and GoDrive.
Projects Overview Getting Started with Projects
Get an overview on how to design Projects to transfer data, encrypt, and automate processes.
Automate Projects Automating Project Workflows
File transfers and workflow processes can be automated to run at predefined Schedules, executed when Monitors find new files, or kicked off using Triggers when specific events occur.

How-To Tutorials

How to Encrypt and Sign Files using PGP
PGP encryption protects sensitive information allowing you to share files safely with your trading partners. Learn how to import PGP keys and use them to encrypt and sign files.
How to Import a CSV File into a Database
Learn how to read in the contents of a CSV file and load the records into a database.
Getting Started with Domains
Learn how to virtually segment a GoAnywhere installation into multiple security zones.
Converting Scripts to Projects
Learn how to convert an SFTP shell script into a managed file transfer project.