See how organizations like yours benefited from implementing GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer, from cost savings to increased efficiency and security.

When General Plastic Corp S.A., a Latin American leader in plastic bank, phone, service, and smart cards, discovered an increased need for automation and streamlined workflows in their organization, they realized it was time to turn from manual data processing methods and mechanisms to a secure file transfer solution that would help them stay compliant with PCI DSS.

Read the full case study to learn how GPC S.A. uses GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer to improve their auditing capabilities, reduce the chance of user error, and eliminate tedious manual processes.

Learn how this marketing service provider uses GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer in an AWS cloud environment to reduce their manual processes and secure their passwords, user roles, and business-critical data.

Read the full case study.

When Alliant Credit Union outgrew their arsenal of tools, they moved to GoAnywhere MFT, a solution that could automate their processes, enhance their PCI DSS compliance, and save their organization time and resources.

Read the full case study to learn how Alliant Credit Union uses GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer to meet, and exceed, their growing list of business requirements.

Consolidation of systems and the need to stay current with security and communication protocols led Nemours Children's Health to choose GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer.

While the team expected GoAnywhere to simplify and secure file transfers, the ability to consolidate and automate data transfers has become invaluable.

While some may not think an institution of higher learning to be a hive of business transactions, the truth is that colleges and universities need to move data files as much as any enterprise.

Northwestern University shares how they use GoAnywhere to streamline connections with campus-wide systems and provide centralized secure file transfer services that meet a diverse range of regulatory compliance requirements.

What do you do when you manage services for a number of community banks and your file transfer solution is actually losing files rather than moving them?

FPS GOLD searched for a better solution that was more reliable, had a better interface, was more customizable, and had better licensing and pricing options. We ask FPS GOLD about their decision to install GoAnywhere and how it's met, and even exceeded, their requirements.

Looking to replace an unreliable FTP server and streamline inefficient processes led AnMed Health to choose GoAnywhere.

AnMed Health chose GoAnywhere to achieve their goal of eliminating the need for third shift staffing in their Data Center. The success of the project prompted them to automate additional processes to further reduce staff hours and cut costs. Read the full case study for more on how AnMed Health is using GoAnywhere to improve their file transfer operations.

Manual file sharing and transfer process are highly inefficient. In addition, relying on one IT staff member for maintenance puts the organization at risk.

The University of Tennessee Medical Center (UTMC) turned to GoAnywhere to automate and secure the transfer of sensitive healthcare data with vendors and partners. GoAnywhere allowed UTMC to streamline their own operations without impacting vendor interactions. See the results of their implementation in this informative case study.

Managing access to digital documents across multiple users and locations can be difficult. When working with sensitive patient data, collaboration is complicated by stringent regulatory requirements. That was the challenge facing the Cancer Registry of Greater California.

Discover how the GoAnywhere helped CRGC resolve a number of seemingly diverse priority objectives and allowed employees to improve productivity through streamlined access to information.

When your IT team is overwhelmed with high priority projects, streamlining daily processes is the only way to find more time in the day. Thanks to GoAnywhere, Tulsa Federal Credit Union is doing just that.

Automating file projects has improved Tulsa Federal CU's workflows both in time saved and in better management if the project manager is out of the office. In a busy shop like this, Systems Administrator Jeremy Lippiatt needed a solution they could set up and deploy quickly and easily, and that could handle their specific file and directory formatting requirements. GoAnywhere delivered all of that and more.

Managing file transfers in a mixed shop can make things especially challenging, but the team at Adams County is using GoAnywhere to communicate to a variety of internal and external systems to automate and simplify their workflows.

Read how GoAnywhere's flexibility helps this IT staff meet a variety of trading partner requirements while relying on its detailed audit logs to track errors.

As they continue to move more projects to GoAnywhere, they've seen a significant time savings among other advantages.

Higher education depends on quick, confidential communication not only with students, faculty, etc., but also with banks, the government, and more. The pressure to meet those demands is especially high at Penn Foster, a popular distance education institution, where systems have to be accessible at all times for its users.

Rob Bruno, CTO, is responsible for managing file transfers across multiple platforms, using a variety of file types and encryption standards. GoAnywhere allowed his team to stop writing new scripts for every project, and the project library they've been able to build empowers more staff who may not have programming expertise to schedule their own projects.

As a popular walk-in solution available at many convenience stores, Fidelity Express specializes in money orders and bill-payment processing. A customer can get gas, pick up a soda, a money order, and pay her utility bill all in one stop.

As simple as it is for the customer, it was definitely more complicated for Dwight Hammit, programming supervisor, to coordinate all of the behind-the-scenes processing. Billing partners had to be notified when customers made payments, money order requests had to be documented and accounted for, and much of this work was being handled through individually generated FTP scripts for each trading partner.

That's when Fidelity Express discovered GoAnywhere, and as Dwight says, "We have never regretted that decision." Read the case study, written by Jim Utsler and published with permission by IBM Systems Magazine, Power Systems Edition, to see all of the ways GoAnywhere has made Dwight's job easier, and helped Fidelity Express manage it's processing more effectively and securely.

Michael Bumanlag and his team in the City of Modesto, California's IT Department are busy with a variety of data management projects. One that was especially challenging was a requirement from the state's employee retirement system to submit all documentation using a complex XML format, one with which Bumanlag had little experience.

After researching a variety of vendors, not only did he find GoAnywhere more cost effective, he was surprised at how efficiently it handled the retirement systems project. It didn't take him long to find many more diverse projects for GoAnywhere to tackle. See how well this managed file transfer software did.

When Tom Fiebelkorn first joined the IT staff at Kwik Trip, Inc., he spent much of his time writing an RPG program that could integrate with an SQL server database to deliver and retrieve the data he needed to send numerous weekly reports to state Departments of Revenue where the company's more than 400 retail outlets operated.

Now GoAnywhere communicates seamlessly with the IBM i system to send and track statuses of the files needed for the Revenue Departments. And that's only one of the ways GoAnywhere has helped improve workflows at Kwik Trip.

Delivering the best possible experience for its patients is very important to Bristol Hospital. In addition to receiving excellent care, patients need to trust that the hospital is also protecting their health records and other sensitive data. GoAnywhere from HelpSystems has allowed Bristol Hospital to ensure that trust with strong data encryption, authentication and audit trails. Bristol Hospital uses GoAnywhere to protect HIPAA controlled data, EDI records, and accounting information.

Distributing personalized price sheets to their customers is critical to Dayton Parts marketing strategy and overall success. As the customer base grew, the amount of effort to create and distribute the personalized price sheets began to affect productivity.

GoAnywhere delivers at every turn for the State of Maryland' Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR). The main challenge for DLLR was transferring sensitive data in a secure and reliable fashion. In addition, each DLLR trading partner required different file formats such as fixed width, Excel, CSV or the increasingly popular XML format.

The Washington Companies needed a managed file transfer solution to exchange sensitive information securely to satellite offices and with business partners around the world. GoAnywhere not only allowed the Washington Companies to securely transfer files with ease, but using its XML flexibility they can also ensure business continuity in their Class 1 Data Center at no extra cost.

The Geography Department at the University of Cincinnati uses GoAnywhere for translating data feeds from weather stations in Alaska into their SQL databases at the University.

Think is a full-service bank using GoAnywhere to automate FTP processes and securely move sensitive data between multiple systems.

Woolrich is an outdoor apparel marketer and woolen fabric manufacturer using GoAnywhere to securely share information with their trading partners including insurance providers and banks.