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Case Study

Roc Challender, Programmer/Analyst | P.C. Richard & Son

P.C. Richard & Son P.C. Richard & Son is an appliance and electronics retailer that sells products at various locations as well as online. Hear how Roc Challender uses GoAnywhere to give internal users the freedom they need while keeping tight control over data security. Transcript: I'm Roc Challender, and I'm working at P.C. Richard and Son. My official title is programmer/analyst, but I guess my...
Case Study

Faustino Gomez (Director of Operations) and Paula Rodriguez (Director of Programming) | Londen Insurance

Londen Insurance During the COMMON User's Group Conference in Anaheim, California, in 2012, Faustino Gomez and Paula Rodriguez took a few minutes to share their experiences with GoAnywhere. Faustino is the Operations Director and Paula is the Director of Programming at Londen Insurance , and thanks to GoAnywhere's automation features, the company has saved significant time and money. Transcript:
Case Study

Mats Lidstrom, IT Chief Architect | ICE Services AB

ICE Services AB ICE Services AB is a world-class supplier of business process outsourcing services for Rights Management companies. Based in Bromma Sweden, ICE Services AB took advantage of the GoAnywhere API for file upload and download integration with their music-documentation database, which is used to maintain and house ownership information for all musical works used throughout Europe. We...
Case Study

Draga Culjik, Systems Administrator | Hyundai Auto, Canada

Hyundai Auto - Canada Draga Culjik is a Systems Administrator who works in a mixed shop, dependent on IBM i and Windows systems to manage their workflows. She needed to find a managed file transfer solution that could easily integrate with multiple platforms and still include the robust features she needed. After researching multiple vendors, she chose GoAnywhere and continues to find new ways to...