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Helping Employees Get the Most Out of GoAnywhere

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We’ve all done it. We’ve bought the latest gadget – think bread machines, yogurt makers, Instant Pots, and more. Sure, it was great for a few days. You told your friends how life changing it was. Then, it happened. You let it gather dust and now only haul it out on rare occasions. You think, “Why aren’t I doing more with this?”

An Easy-to-Use MFT Solution is Software That Actually Gets Used

Software purchases and installations can suffer the same fate as the latest “as seen on TV” product, unless employees are aware of, and take advantage of, all the features and benefits they were designed for.

And, if that latest and greatest tool isn’t user-friendly, it’ll quickly be shelved. If employees are wary about adding yet another asset to their growing list of productivity tools, point out the ease-of-use of GoAnywhere for secure, automated file transfers and more.

GoAnywhere is consistently noted as being easy to use – with most users getting the file transfer process up and running in about an hour. Hear what others have to say about how user-friendly GoAnywhere is: G2 Reviews of GoAnywhere MFT, Gartner Peer Insight Reviews of GoAnywhere.

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Webinar: Getting Started with GoAnywhere

What makes GoAnywhere User-Friendly?

  • Dashboard-style user interface: This familiar set up makes starting a new file transfer process intuitive for employees. There’s no special programming or technical skills needed to ensure secure, automated file transfers. As reviewers above noted, the learning curve to get started transferring files securely and automatically is a short one.

This modern UI naturally makes getting around the product easier, but it also simplifies how files are shared between users, systems, and collaboration modules, giving users a better overall user experience and more incentive to use the comprehensive system. Users can just drag-and-drop files and folders from one location to another through an intuitive navigation menu, all without disrupting their workflow.

  • Automation: Time-consuming manual processes and legacy scripts can be replaced with secure and automated file transfers. GoAnywhere MFT can execute multiple file transfers concurrently, triggers when another process completes and comes with a built-in scheduler to streamline the use of other tools and software, simplifying business processes.
  • Workflows: Employees can save time and effort when they take full advantage of Automated Workflows. Workflows, or projects, can be designed to schedule future file transfers how and when employees want them to be sent.
  • Auditing and Reporting: If your business requires detailed audit logs and reporting for security or compliance, GoAnywhere has your employees covered. Audit logs are built in and can help monitor activity and file movement. A wide variety of reporting metrics can provide the statistical details, graphs, and charts needed. Should a transfer ever drop, GoAnywhere delivers an immediate notification and auto resumes the transfer where it dropped.
  • Secure Email: Adding Secure Mail to GoAnywhere helps streamline the transfer of all file transfers, even those ad hoc emailed ones. Secure Mail turns emailed files into encrypted packages. Those packages are then downloaded by recipients through a protected HTTPS connection. With GoAnywhere, there’s no need to seek out yet another software solution to ensure emailed file transfers get where they need to be securely. And, as the files being sent don’t go through the email server, there is no concern about using up bandwidth or bogging down your email server when large files are exchanged.

Advanced Workflows Make MFT Easier

If employees are not sure how to get started with a project design, GoAnywhere MFT provides dozens of project templates with examples of the most commonly used workflows. They can create a project, find a template that closely meets their needs, and then modify the project to make it their own.

Webinar: Get the Most Out of Advanced Workflows

Help Employees Tackle More File Transfer Projects with GoAnywhere

Maybe your employees have done a few batch file transfers, or have scheduled future transfers through the Advanced Workflows module. But there is so much more they can do with GoAnywhere to make their days easier. Here are a few ideas.

  • A hospital uses a managed file transfer solution to eliminate the need for third-shift staffing in their data center. By setting up system notifications, they’re able to immediately detect faulty file transfers, and automated workflows allow them to audit their systems and diagnose problems without requiring hours of downtime and troubleshooting.
  • One state government implemented GoAnywhere’s Secure Form functionality to give overseas military personnel a safe and convenient way to electronically send their ballots securely to an authorized election official. With a secure form in place, soldiers from that state are able to visit a URL from a computer or mobile device; scan, attach, and encrypt their ballot; add information like their name and county; and submit the form for processing.
  • An insurance agency needed to establish an entry point between Salesforce and their internal systems. When they discovered Salesforce didn’t support an FTP connection to their systems, the IT department enabled one of GoAnywhere’s Web Service APIs. This created a secure endpoint that allowed them to connect to Salesforce. Now, with the API workaround in place, they are able to send and retrieve data between their systems and Salesforce’s systems.

Want even more ideas of project examples? We’ve got them.

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