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How to Choose an EFSS Solution

Synching and sharing with others is easier with an EFSS solution

Your parents and teachers probably taught you it was nice to share with others. But chances are, they didn’t give you the specifics and technical tools to securely share sensitive files and documents across multiple devices and platforms. No problem. We’ve got the sync and share functionality you need.

To share and sync data nicely (but securely and efficiently) throughout your organization and with your trading partners and others, you should leverage an enterprise file sync-and-share (EFSS) solution. Don’t let the word, enterprise, scare you off from EFSS if you’re a small business. An EFSS solution can help organizations of any size sync and share information – in the cloud or on-premises, even across multiple locations. More importantly, an advanced EFSS allows your users access to those shared files remotely, wherever they happen to be working from – on their phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.

If you need to protect and secure your information or meet stringent industry compliance regulations, you need the business-centric capabilities of EFSS software as opposed to well-known cloud-based sharing tools like Dropbox, Box or Google Drive.

Whether your primary concern is moving data from one place to another or you need a collaboration tool that is secure, efficient, and flexible, EFSS makes sharing and syncing information a breeze.

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13 Things You Should Look for in an EFSS System

If you’re going to put an EFSS system in place for your organization to better collaborate with each other and with your external trading partners, be sure it has security, flexibility, and scalability that you need for advanced collaboration, such as:

  • End-to-end encryption: Sharing and synching without strong encryption protection is simply too risky. AES is a leading encryption standard designed to keep your files protected as they move from point A to point B. GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer’s GoDrive incorporates this strong encryption standard as part of its EFSS solution.
  • Secure Email: Most EFSS systems can help you get around the barriers of sending large files through email, which is what trips up so many email shares. But there are additional features you should be looking at for robust and secure email capabilities. If you know you’ll be exchanging files regularly through email, ensure your EFSS solution provides for the following:
    • No file size restrictions
    • Ability to send multiple files simultaneously
    • Control and limits on the number of file downloads
    • Access restrictions
    • Audit trails
    • Ability to recall encrypted attachments (or packages) created
  • Version tracking and commenting: To avoid wasting time and risking mistakes, EFSS solutions, like some managed file transfer (MFT) software products, let you easily access your master document and collaboratively work on the latest version.

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  • Secure folders: Give your users access to the information they need to make the collaboration process even more streamlined and organized with web-accessible network folders accessible via a web browser and secure HTTPS internet connection. Be sure you choose EFSS software that allows for controls for user permissions for even more security.
  • Monitored access: Look for an EFSS system that allows you to monitor access both internally and with your trading partners as you work collaboratively on documents. Sure; you could use email, Google Drive or other cloud-based sharing tools, but if you need to protect and secure your information or meet stringent compliance regulations, you need the business-centric capabilities of EFSS software.

  • Centralization: A single interface for syncing and collaborating helps you organize and streamline away from multiple products.

  • Localized control: Look for a solution with end-to-end encryption for sensitive files and to meet compliance requirements for localized control to meet any industry compliance requirements.

  • Auditing and reporting: Many industries require detailed audit logs and reporting to show file activity. Be sure your EFSS solutions has the capability to log each time a file is uploaded, downloaded, edited, shared, commented on, and deleted to save yourself time and frustration.

  • Cloud integrations: Sharing files, editing, and accessing them from approved devices and across popular user-friendly web applications is secure with a solid EFSS system in place.

  • Browser-based interface: Make both your administrator’s and end users’ job easier by choosing an EFSS solution that features a user-friendly, browser-based interface.

  • Scalability and high availability: Be sure the EFSS solution you choose can ramp up with your growing and changing needs. You’ll want a solution that delivers clustering, which can support thousands of users and active-active functionality to maximize availability for mission-critical file sharing.

  • Mobile application: Access files on the go. Some EFSS solutions allow you to preview or download files for offline access, and automatically update or sync any changes each time users connect to the server.

  • SaaS: If you don’t want to completely manage or have the EFSS software on your own premises, you can choose a hosted and affordable solution and still reap the full secure and automated benefits of EFSS.

How to Choose an EFSS Solution

To check out how synching and sharing can be more secure and streamlined across your enterprise try it for free. A 30-day trial of GoAnywhere MFT comes with 10 complimentary GoDrive user accounts.

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