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FEATURED BLOG: Who’s Leading the Managed File Transfer Data Quadrant?

What vendors lead the way in the managed file transfer market? Info-Tech Research Group’s recent MFT Data Quadrant lists GoAnywhere & others as top solutions to consider.

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How to Build a Framework for HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

To avoid the potential penalties of breaking HIPAA and HITECH laws, losing the confidence of patients and partners, and incurring hefty penalties, a focused, deliberate, measured plan for file transfer compliance is essential for healthcare organizations.

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The Big Question: How to Manage File Transfers Without a Programmer

How do you manage your file transfers logically and by request without tying up a programming resource? Is it possible to manage various trading partners with access to numerous internal servers without overwhelming yourself or your team? It is with the right solution.

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The Challenges HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Bring IT Professionals

Healthcare compliance regulations like HIPAA and HITECH place additional pressure on healthcare providers and IT staff, and meeting compliance regulations is an ever growing challenge. Explore an overview of these data security standards, as well as their struggles, in this article.

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FIPS 140-2 Validation Encryption for GoAnywhere MFT

Incorporating FIPS 140-2 validation encryption into your file transfer processes is a key step in winning lucrative government contracts. FIPS is a U.S. government computer security standard, and now GoAnywhere MFT can help you achieve compliance!

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Are Insurance Companies Managing Their Risk of Data Breach?

Any underwriter would agree that failure to adequately protect the sensitive data continually in transit in an insurance company's daily workflow presents an extremely high risk. And yet, few insurance companies have the right tools to prevent data breach.

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FTP May Be Free and Easy to Use, But That's the Problem

Well-intentioned employees just trying to do their jobs have come to rely on standard FTP through "free" downloaded software or cloud solutions, unaware that the security of the data they're transferring could be compromised. But if not FTP, what are the alternatives?

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Is Your Company Letting Data Slip Through the Cracks?

Are you aware of all of the transactions going in and out of your company's network? Who is sending and pulling files, and what's the best way to manage all of these data exchanges? If these questions are left unanswered, it's possible data is slipping through the cracks.

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Data Breach Remains a Hot Topic for Media

A company that finds itself dealing with a data breach learns quickly that the process is not just embarrassing and costly (sending notifications, providing free credit reports, etc.), it can also damage the company's hard-earned reputation resulting in the loss of customers

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Ad-Hoc File Transfers Present Challenges, Vulnerabilities, and More

Most organizations want efficient workflows, employees who feel empowered to do what it takes to meet expectations, and assurances that the data they store and transfer is insulated from external threats.

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Silence the Nagging By Securing Your Data

Because IT is responsible for the company's data, we need to stay abreast of the compliance regulations and security laws that apply to it. We also need to to understand and implement the three types of data protection (physical, transitional, and procedural) in order to meet upcoming changes.

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