Browser-based admin interface in Managed File Transfer (MFT) Solution
Secure Communication over Encrypted Networks and Technology

IT & Telecommunication organizations understand the importance of protecting their networks and communications channels. Between sensitive company information stored on in-house servers and files (messages, images, documents, etc) delivered to trading partners and customers, this focus on cybersecurity is necessary in order to meet strict compliance requirements.

These are the primary mandates that IT & Telecom organizations must meet when transmitting data:

  • SOX Section 404: Establish and document internal guidelines describing how the integrity and security of data transfers will be maintained.
  • Non-Bank Financial Services Rule (April 2012): As with SOX, develop and implement internal policies regarding the protection of data integrity and security when in motion.

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GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer can help IT & telecommunications teams meet their cybersecurity needs by:

  • Generating audit trails required to demonstrate compliance.
  • Securing the integrity of private data as required by Sarbanes-Oxley 404 and 409.
  • Maintaining the security of file transmissions.
  • Automating and manages file transfers through a centralized solution.
  • Streamlining file transfer processes and workflows.
  • Enforcing password policies for trading partners.
  • Controlling access to sensitive documents with user and group roles.

GoAnywhere MFT At-A-Glance for IT & Telecom Organizations

Secure Protocols

Supports all secure protocols: FTPS, SFTP, SCP, HTTP(S), PeSIT, and AS2


Includes popular encryption methods: Open PGP and Zip with AES encryption


Runs on most platforms: Windows, Linux, IBM i, Mac OS, AIX and UNIX, and VMware


Translates data to and from popular formats like EDI X12 and EDIFACT, Excel, XML, and JSON

Sampling of Customers

We originally purchased GoAnywhere to give us a more secure FTP server. While our specific need was to offer our business partners and vendors secure data transmission via SFTP, we were very pleased to know that GoAnywhere supports a number of additional secure file transfer protocols, including FTPS, HTTPS, and GoAnywhere Secure Mail (with an optional Outlook plugin). GoAnywhere not only has "service" support, for services like HTTPS, SFTP, etc., it also supports workflow project creation. After our initial implementation of our services, we began to incorporate a number of very flexible advanced workflow projects. These projects utilize a number of GoAnywhere built-in components, including zip/unzip, PGP encryption/decryption, SFTP (GET, PUT, DELETE, LIST, etc.), SQL, email, job control, process loops, and external program calls. There are additional components (like REST and SOAP Web Services) that we have not even begun to use. GoAnywhere is just an all-around fantastic product. We are really quite pleased with GoAnywhere's capabilities to solve our business problems.

George S. , IS Operations Manager | IT and Telecom

With GoAnywhere we now send dozens of files in a single transfer and have yet to lose even one file. Everything is completely automated and effectively event-driven. We have created templates for each type of transfer that we do, which lets us set up a new transfer in about 15 minutes.

Mark Benson , Senior Vice President | FPS Gold

The ease of use and intuitive interface lessens the administrative burden and allows rapid on-boarding of new admins. Of the all the MFT products we tested (and it was many), the GoAnywhere interface was by far the most efficient and intuitive. Additionally, the ease of installation, implementation, and administration is an absolute blessing. We have rolled out environments in just a couple of days and had users trained in the administration of the product in less than an hour. It just works!

Dan R. , Enterprise LINUX Infrastructure Engineer | IT and Telecom

Case Studies

SES Case Study

Organizations worldwide depend on software escrow agreements to encrypt and automate the delivery of intellectual property. Learn how SES achieves this with GoAnywhere MFT.