Streamlining Business Operations: Harnessing the Power of MFT

Say goodbye to data transfer headaches and embrace seamless connectivity with our exclusive whitepaper on Managed File Transfer (MFT). Despite FTP often the go-to for business-to-business file transfers, inadequate FTP implementations have plagued numerous businesses with major security and management challenges. Our white paper explores how to modernize and secure your FTP framework to enhance...

Building Strong Software Through Third-Party and Internal Testing

In my last post I wrote about protecting the supply chain and how strong bricks make strong walls, referencing how creating software with strong internal components and securely crafted code adds strength to the enterprises using that software. When considering any component being added into an environment, evaluating its security posture and attack...
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FTP, FTPS, & SFTP: Which Protocol You Should Use and When?

FTP, FTPS, and SFTP are three key file transfer protocols, but do you know which protocol is best for securing your organization’s sensitive data?  This webinar explores the differences between these protocols to help you determine which is best for your organization’s data transfer needs.  

On-Premises vs. Cloud: Which File Transfer Method is Best for You?

If your organization is debating between on-premises and cloud deployment for your business-critical file transfer needs, there are a few considerations around compliance, resources, and infrastructure to help you determine which option makes the most sense for your organization. “If you’re already using an on-premises solution, any discussion of...

How MFT Solves Email Attachment Problems

Managed File Transfer (MFT) future-proofs an organization’s ability to send files at the speed of business and break free of the limiting constraints of email attachments.

GoAnywhere Interactive Demo

If your organization spends too much time scripting or formulating workflows for your file transfer processes or when integrating form data into those processes, Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT can add simplicity and security to both of these tasks. Take a look at the Advanced Workflow and Secure Forms features in GoAnywhere when you view this interactive tour.

MFT Security Champions: First Responders for Solution Security

What is a Security Champion? Software users have expectations that the solution they choose to execute key business functions is continually being assessed for security, among other attributes. One role within security-conscious organizations that helps proactively meet those expectations is that of Security Champion. According to industry...
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Cloud Connectors Demo

Check out this demo of the Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive connectors.
Case Study

Healthcare Company Boosts File Transfer Security with Scanning Solution

A private, nonprofit health company and one of the largest healthcare organizations in the southern United States takes advantage of the security, automation, encryption, and ease of use of their managed file transfer solution, Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT. However, they had no reliable way to scan the personal and sensitive patient files they transferred daily for threats as those files moved in and out of their network.
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Strengthen Your Defense: Updated GoAnywhere Hardening Best Practices

Strengthen your security defenses. Our Strengthen Your Defense: Updated GoAnywhere Best Practices customer webinar on zeroes in on GoAnywhere’s updated hardening and architecture guides, which details the best practices and configurations to help you further boost the security of your GoAnywhere environment. Fortra’s Chris Spargen, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering, covers: Updates to the...

Sharing Financial Files: Benefits of MFT

Financial file matters matter. Not only are these files a top priority to the banks and financial institutions that handle millions of transactions daily, they also matter to the industry’s compliance regulators, and to the public trusting that their financial information is secured. How organizational and personal financial data is handled and...

Protecting the Supply Chain: Strong Bricks Make Strong Walls

When I was young, we had toy bricks made of cardboard that were great for tiny hands. They were lightweight and easy to stack, and we created many walls, forts, and towers. As wonderful as these were, they would do little to protect against an attacking army. For that, we’d need strong material and sound construction for defense. Quarried stone and...

Considerations When Choosing a File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

We all know “you need the right tool for the job.” When choosing between popular file transfer protocols, that adage remains. But how do you know which one is right for your organization, especially when trying to execute safe, compliant file transfers across your unique ecosystem? This brief guide will help you define your requirements and explain...

MFT Software Demos: Maximize Your Time

When it comes to selecting software that can have a major impact on how your organization conducts business and secures its most valuable data, you can look at the process much like you do when considering a new vehicle. While a test drive of that shiny new ride can help confirm your expectations for speed and performance, a one-on-one...
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Fortra's GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a secure MFT solution that makes it easy for everyone from small businesses to enterprise organizations to exchange files with business partners. Join our upcoming webinar to explore why utilizing a secure file transfer solution is key and how to get started using GoAnywhere MFT’s many file transfer, security, and collaboration features.

Transferring Government Files: MFT Addresses Biggest Challenges

Whether big government or small, assuring the security of files in the public sector is of utmost importance for security, as well as assuring any information from citizens is protected. According to 2021 US Census data, there are 90,000 government entities. Protecting the data these agencies handle is admittedly a big lift. Not only are government...

FTP vs. SFTP: Considerations for Secure File Transfer

Businesses today rely on the safe transfer of data to operate securely in today’s digital economy. There are several protocols that can be used for this purpose, and each offers a different benefit to your organization. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been around longest and is the default file transfer method for many companies with legacy...