Zero Trust File Transfer: Why Bundled Solutions Make Sense

Feeling good about sending your business-critical files securely via managed file transfer (MFT)? You should. It’s a secure, streamlined way to get sensitive information from one place to another, with encryption embedded into the solution, automation features to help goofproof the process, and robust security applied to files both while they are in...

WAFs Add Layer of Security When Using Web-based Apps

If your organization uses any web applications to conduct essential business functions to boost productivity and collaboration, and provide an easy, customer friendly way to deliver services, you should consider solutions that incorporate a WAF, or Web Application Firewall. A WAF is a firewall specifically targeting the application layer —...
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Take the Risk Out of Email with Secure Mail

One “Oh, crud” moment. That’s all it takes for sensitive information like social security numbers or credit card data to fall into the wrong hands. Maybe an employee used unsecure email to send a confidential file to a trading partner, or an email was sent to individuals not authorized to receive the files attached. Now your organization is vulnerable to the possibility of a data breach.

Why Choose AS2 for Secure File Transfers?

Securing all the data your organization exchanges is a need, not a want in today’s cybersecurity environment. To minimize the risk of a security breach – whether intentionally malicious, or accidental through user error – takes the proverbial village of proactive measures. One of these is employing strong protocols such as AS2 (Applicability...
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Secure Cloud File Transfers: Best Practices for Organizations

In today's data-driven world, organizations increasingly rely on the cloud to transfer files securely and efficiently. Whether you are working in a pure cloud environment, a hybrid setup, or leveraging Managed File Transfer as a Service (MFTaaS), ensuring the security of your file transfers is paramount. In this blog, we'll explore the best...
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Boost Your Cloud Security with MFT

Whether your files reside in the public cloud, private cloud, or within a hybrid environment, GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) delivers the security and control you need to move data confidently between systems, locations, users, and trading partners.

Considerations for Cloud File Transfers

Whether your organization is debating on moving your file transfer process entirely to the cloud, adopting a hybrid environment, or using a hosted SaaS solution, review the considerations below to help better clarify and get the organizational support needed for a cloud-based file transfer solution. There are no absolute right or wrong answers to...

HIPAA Compliance and File Transfer: What You Need to Know

HIPAA Compliance and File Transfer: What You Need to Know The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) secures the Protected Health Information (PHI) of healthcare system users within the United States. Since the Omnibus Rule went into effect in 2013, millions of healthcare “business associates” have been included under the...

Fast File Transfer: Obstacles and Options

Fast, faster, and fastest. With technology comes the benefit of speed to get through tasks easier and yes, faster. Transferring files is no exception. Organizations want and need files to get to their destination quickly and reliably. What Might Slow Down a File Transfer? Getting that business-critical file where it needs to be can sometimes be...

11 Popular File Transfer Protocols Explained

Edited on 5/8/2024 Check out the brief video below, which quickly covers these 11 file transfer protocols, their uses, and the security that comes along with them: 1. FTP 7. TCP 2. FTPS 8. AS2 3. SFTP 9. AS3 4. SCP 10. AS4 5 HTTP 11. PeSIT 6. HTTPS ...

Info-Tech Rates GoAnywhere Highly

GoAnywhere is an industry leader according to the well-respected Info-Tech Research Group. Read on to download the MFT Category Report and learn what goes into this rating.

Protecting Vital Government Information with MFT

When it comes to information security, few industries top the government – at all levels – when it comes to requirements and compliance designed to protect the sensitive data it collects, manages, and exchanges. And while it may seem like just more red tape, these standards and requirements are for the benefit of the people as well as the...

Top 10 Takeaways: Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report

A good look at one of the industry’s most trusted annual cybersecurity reports will tell you attackers are stepping up their game — and leaning into what works. The Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report analyzed 16,312 security incidents and 5,199 breaches this year, crunching the numbers to find the patterns. From the soaring cost of ransomware to a staggering trend towards financially...
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How to Further Protect Your MFT Server Identity

Securing your important files in transit and at rest is vital to protecting your data. There are, however, additional methods that can guard your GoAnywhere MFT server identity and keep your documents safely in your private network. The GoAnywhere Gateway provides the following security, performance and load balancing benefits: Forward and reverse proxy capabilities Help with meeting your...

10 Ways PCI Compliance is Easier with MFT

Complying with stringent industry requirements, such as those of PCI DSS, is not an option. It does not, however, have to be unreasonably difficult or an unwieldly task. Technology solutions, such as secure file transfer, can help shoulder some of the more tedious, repetitive, or security-centric burdens and help organizations avoid substantial...

How MFT Helps Move Large Files

What is Needed to Move Large Files? Big files need big solutions, or rather solutions capable of reliably and securely moving files in and out of an organization. Instead of relying on free or open-sourced solutions that “might” move a big file, consider your organization’s needs around file sizes, security, encryption, compliance requirements for...

Fortra’s MFT Annual Upgrades & Health Check Bundle

The Annual Upgrades & Health Check Bundle provides dedicated resources to update your organization’s GoAnywhere environment to the latest version. It includes a review of your organization’s upgrade strategy plan by a Technical Consultant, a Health Check of your system, and a consultation on risks and compatibility issues associated with an upgrade.

Why Common Criteria Certification Matters to Security-Conscious Organizations

What is Common Criteria Certification? Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (or, Common Criteria, as it is more popularly known), is the international standard used to affirm a computer security software solution’s security certification. In other words, it helps provide assurance to users or potential buyers that what is...