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Fortra’s MFT Annual Upgrades & Health Check Bundle

The Annual Upgrades & Health Check Bundle provides dedicated resources to update your organization’s GoAnywhere environment to the latest version. It includes a review of your organization’s upgrade strategy plan by a Technical Consultant, a Health Check of your system, and a consultation on risks and compatibility issues associated with an upgrade.

Why Common Criteria Certification Matters to Security-Conscious Organizations

What is Common Criteria Certification? Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (or, Common Criteria, as it is more popularly known), is the international standard used to affirm a computer security software solution’s security certification. In other words, it helps provide assurance to users or potential buyers that what is touted in terms of specifications, implementation...

Collaboration Tools Like vs. MFT: What Do You Really Need?

Collaboration tools like and managed file transfer (MFT) tools like GoAnywhere MFT, are not the same. Both, however, have unique advantages, depending on your organization’s requirements around data. Box is a cloud-based tool for organizational teams to collaborate, manage, and store content. GoAnywhere MFT is a secure managed file transfer solution used by organizations to secure...

Accelerating File Transfers

As file sizes continue to grow, managing and delivering large files is becoming an important consideration for organizations of all sizes. Companies have abandoned the commonly used FTP/TCP protocol as a delivery method in favor of alternative file transfer solutions which provide acceleration, reliability, management, and security. Companies using TCP-based file transfer protocols to transfer...
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Advanced File Transfer Automation: Best Practices to Take GoAnywhere to the Next Level

Are you manually transferring numerous files on the daily in your workplace? If so, file transfers may be taking up way too much of your time – time you can get back with an automated and secure solution! Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how to set-up GoAnywhere to centralize, securely automate file transfers, reduce human errors, and save crucial time.
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Automating Content Submissions in FileCatalyst Workflow

Summary There a number of valuable features included with FileCatalyst workflow, including drag and drop capabilities, large file transfers through email and more. Submitting files into FileCatalyst Workflow is a very easy process, but it still requires some human interaction. What & How FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President John Tkaczewski demonstrates how automation can be added to FileCatalyst...
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Using FileCatalyst in the Oil & Gas Sector

Summary Massive amounts of data are generated across the oil & gas industry. Whether it’s seismic readings of the earth’s surface, equipment and well statistics used to optimize active deposits, multi-terabyte datasets to be analyzed by supercomputers, or massive backups for disaster recovery – oil & gas generates data in a more extensive variety, volume and velocity than ever before. What & How...
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How to Move Large Data Fast

With the emergence of 5G and the accelerated adoption of very high bandwidth links, the need for accelerated file transfer has never been higher. Without the right tool, users are often forced to break down files or experience failed transfers, resulting in lost time and data.Join this session to see how FileCatalyst can help you transfer large data efficiently and at full-line speeds. Whether...

Custom Media Trends | Fast File Transferring Tools to Keep You Cutting-Edge

The broadcast media bubble has certainly expanded this past year, with new content forms trending throughout the industry. It is clear that remote collaboration and other new productivity methods must be implemented into workflows for productions to succeed. What has yet to be highlighted, is how the industry can continue to grow through the help of acceleration tools. People get bored, this is a...

Elevate Your Remote Video Production | Key Reasons You Should Turn to Fast File Transferring

Now more than ever, it’s apparent that video producers need to access their work remotely. There is an increasing demand to be able to continue with workflows uninterrupted so that production can move forward as usual. Many individuals in the industry are still using methods that create lag in their productivity. Typically, video producers are under tight deadlines. Going without necessary...

A UDP File Transfer Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Imagine this: you wrap up a long day at the office and come home to finally drift off to sleep in the silence of your cozy dark bedroom. Then all of the sudden you hear it! It’s quiet at first, but ultimately that dreaded “buzz” coming from your hallway gets more persistent. Your stomach drops as you reluctantly tumble from the warmth of your bed and peer around the corner. There it is, your work...

Dev’s Corner: Java 8 and the FileCatalyst API

The following article is a bit on the technical side. It is exploring an example of how our current client API meshes with Java 8. It is meant for our customers who integrate our API within their software. I am expecting the reader to be familiar with the Java language. So after much anticipation, Java 8 is now out and today I am going to cover a pretty cool use case utilizing the new Java 8...
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Introducing FileCatalyst Direct v3.8

Summary Topic: Introducing FileCatalyst Direct v3.8 Presenter: President, CFO & Co-Founder of FileCatalyst, John Tkaczewski The FileCatalyst team has been hard at work to bring you FileCatalyst Direct v3.8 this spring. Our Co-Founder & President, John Tkaczewski, is looking forward to sharing the exciting new features and updates for FileCatalyst Direct v3.8. This is a webinar you do not want to...
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Accelerating Cloud Transfers with FileCatalyst

Summary FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services Elton Carneiro as shows attendees how FileCatalyst can accelerate cloud deployment workflows by providing unprecedented transfer speeds. Elton covers various licensing options for cloud and on-premise deployments, our cloud marketing place listings , our Per GB pricing model and support for object storage. What & How...
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Acemby File Accelerator: The Future of Cloud Transfers

Summary In recent times there has been an explosion of data; from big data to cloud storage and the content we create. The cloud has become a powerful way to archive and share data, but the migration process is slow. FileCatalyst and Acembly have teamed up to provide such a solution: Acembly File Accelerator, powered by FileCatalyst! With Acembly File Accelerator, businesses are able to realize...
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Beyond FTP & hard drives: Accelerating LAN file transfers

Summary There are plenty of consumer-based solutions for sharing files, be it point-to-point or to the cloud. But when it comes to enterprise applications, these solutions usually fall short in terms of features and performance. The reason that most of these solutions don’t meet the needs of enterprises is because they are based on the TCP protocol. Designed in the 1970s, TCP was not built to move...
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FileCatalyst & Caringo

Summary As the size and amount of files continue to increase and become more dispersed across remote locations, especially in the media and entertainment space, there is an urgent need for more efficient file transfer, management, and storage solutions. In this webinar, Caringo’s VP of Marketing Adrian Herrera and FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services come together to...
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FileCatalyst’s Amazon S3 Integration

Summary FileCatalyst’s Co-Founder and CEO Chris Bailey hosts this webinar that gives an overview of the FileCatalyst Amazon S3 integration. In this webinar, Chris gives an overview of what Amazon S3 is, the architecture of S3 and how FileCatalyst has integrated Amazon’s SDK into a system file driver using Java NIO.2. He also provides a live, in-depth demo that shows the solution in action, as well...
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Accelerating File Transfers in Telestream Workflows

Summary This webinar, hosted by FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services Elton Carneiro and Telestream’s Product Manager Bill Harris, discusses how FileCatalyst can deliver files to an endpoint at accelerated speeds within Telestream’s end-to-end solution, Vantage, via the tight FileCatalyst | Telestream integration. What & How Telestream provides world-class live and on...
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Accelerated File Transfers in Cambridge Imaging System’s Imagen

Summary FileCatalyst’s Director of Strategic Partnerships & Cloud Services Elton Carneiro spoke with Cambridge Imaging Systems’ Ian Mottashed, Cambridge Imaging’s Marketing Director, about accelerating file transfers within a Media Asset Management (MAM) system. During their discussion, they look at the deliver files to an endpoint within a media asset management system and how FileCatalyst is...