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How to Transfer Data Securely When Moving to the Cloud

As more and more businesses move to a multi-cloud strategy, transferring data between cloud platforms has become a crucial aspect of the migration process, and due to the numbers of platforms and interfaces companies work with today, security, auditing, and maintainability of data transfers is growing ever more difficult.

Control in the Cloud: Using MFT to Solve Your Data Challenges

The rapid digital transformation businesses are undergoing has fundamentally changed how data is managed. Cloud implementations are taking place in all sectors across all industries to take advantage of the value-added services implemented in the cloud through efficient data management. Managing and storing data in a cloud environment delivers cost savings, flexibility, mobility, improved...

Why Enterprise MFT Solutions are a Good Choice for Fast File Transfers

Businesses, especially large, growing, and enterprise-level ones, can certainly appreciate the benefits of streamlining and securing how their business-critical, sensitive data is transferred. After all, if not utilizing a secure, fast file transfer solution, this process can be ripe for human error, cybersecurity breaches, inefficiencies, and a lack of transparency. All these risks can create a...

How Does MFT Help Your Business in the Cloud?

An increasing number of people are switching to cloud infrastructure for their businesses, and there are good reasons to do so. As an abundance of companies has already transitioned to the cloud, migrations are increasingly taking place within the cloud, as these organizations migrate between different cloud providers (known as cloud-to-cloud migration). But for those making the initial foray to...
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Join our upcoming webinar to explore why utilizing a secure file transfer solution is key and how to get started using GoAnywhere MFT’s many file transfer, security, and collaboration features. Learn how to manage your file transfers better when you attend this webinar. See how GoAnywhere can: Resolve file transfer headaches Protect sensitive data from external risks Achieve key compliance...

Secure File Transfer vs Free File Transfer: What’s the Difference?

In today's fast-paced world, data is currency, and no one wants to wait for their money. Business runs on it, stock markets close on it, and everything needs to happen immediately, if not sooner. So why not file transfers? While that is true, there are several points to consider when just going for the fastest option. Yes, there are fast and easy methods – take free file transfer solutions like...

5 Key Challenges of Cloud Data Transfer in 2023

Many of the most revolutionary technological advances, such as AI, IoT, and remote/hybrid work, have been made possible by the widespread adoption of cloud computing. Cloud computing eliminates the need to purchase and maintain the costly hardware and software systems normally necessary for such resource-intensive programs. Instead, providers host it in their own data centers and offer it "as a...

Fast Fashion, Fast Cars Subject to Cybersecurity Threats: This Month in Cybersecurity

October – the month when folks embrace tricks and treats – unfortunately did not disappoint when it comes to cybersecurity scares for organizations from fast fashion to fast cars. While no industry or entity is immune, a secure file transfer solution, such as GoAnywhere MFT , is one user-friendly, critical layer of cybersecurity to consider adding to your data breach defense strategy to help...

Education Industry: How MFT Can Help Stretch Resources

Educational institutions, from preschools to university systems, face increasing pressure on budgets as well as personnel lately. When every minute and every dollar counts, bolstering existing resources where possible can offer a bit of relief. One way to stretch those human resources is by automating some of the tasks that are repetitive, mundane, and can be done more efficiently and error-free...

Reducing Human Error with Automated Workflow Features

82% of all illicit data disclosure is caused by human error, according to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report . A way to cut that figure is to reduce employee touchpoints and to do that, organizations are turning towards automated workflows like the ones found in GoAnywhere MFT , a managed file transfer solution (MFT). Goanywhere MFT is the all-in-one solution that streamlines your...

Advantages of an Enterprise File Sharing Solution

A file transfer solution that secures and streamlines the exchange of business-critical data is obviously beneficial to organizations of any size, providing security and efficiency to the often tedious and risky process. Enterprise organizations, however, need more than just a standard file transfer solution; they need technology that matches the more complex, higher-volume, and demanding level of...

Australia’s Increasing Data Breach Penalties and How Secure File Transfer Can Help

Data breaches are a global phenomenon. The biggest breaches can be hugely impactful, with significant repercussions for the organization, the consumers whose data was comprised, and the industry as a whole. Australia recently saw two of the biggest data breaches in its history, and the impact from both is already being felt. The breaches involved telco Optus and health insurer Medibank Private...

Secure File Transfer for Manufacturing

On the production floor, minutes count and the accuracy of workflow processes is critical. One software solution can deliver time savings, streamlined processes, and transparency to the manufacturing industry – secure file transfer (SFT). SFT solutions, such as Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT (Managed File Transfer), secure data files as they are exchanged between departments, trading partners, and even...