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7 Unique Ways to Use MFT for Manufacturing

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While the manufacturing industry is often thought of as primarily centered around physical processes and tangible output, it also requires that electronic data files be exchanged between your trading partners, departments and government entities. These transfers, along with other key business processes, don’t have to entail hundreds of hours that could be dedicated to more productive outcomes. A robust software solution can give your operation back valuable time and resources.

Managed file transfer (MFT) offers manufacturers secure, encrypted file transfer and delivers a host of benefits designed to enhance and streamline those business processes that take place outside the production area. GoAnywhere MFT can assist your manufacturing operations in numerous ways.

How MFT Enhances Manufacturing Operations:

1. Meets Sarbanes-Oxley 404 and 409 requirements:

Secure, encrypted MFT can help you meet the administrative/management self-assessment and compliance requirements for establishing internal guidelines for maintaining the integrity and security of private data during file transfers.

2. Satisfies food product requirements 21 CFR 1.326-1.368:

GoAnywhere can help food industry manufacturers create and maintain the required records needed to identify an immediate bio-terrorist threat which must be easily accessible, as well as secure, during data transfer. The advanced reporting module in GoAnywhere allows access to important system information as PDF documents. You can easily generate reports of file transfer activity, user statistics and completed jobs from within the dashboard console.

3. Meets Federal Trade Commission regulations for tax filings, inventory controls, and price

GoAnywhere’s solution can help ensure that tax filings exchanged are based on secure, reliable, and confirmable information. The data shared with the FTC remains secure both at rest and in transit.

4. Demonstrates compliance:

Detailed audit logs are required for maintaining compliance with regulations and privacy laws. GoAnywhere MFT tracks all file transfer activity in a central database which can be viewed in the dashboard or automatically distributed in PDF format.

5. Data translation capabilities:

If a manufacturing operation needs EDI file translation to more easily work with trading partners, GoAnywhere offers built-in EDI features to centralize encryption and data translation with no separate tools required.

Case study: Latin American Company Secures and Automates Critical Data with GoAnywhere MFT Solution

6. Addresses federal and state business tax codes:

You can file your earnings, payroll, and other tax documentation based on secure and accurate information shared through reliable data transfer software.

7. Automates business-critical tasks:

Automatic file transfer through MFT lets you program when your files should move between your internal systems, users or trading partners. These workflows can help you better manage transfers when you have recurring or high-volume file transfers that would otherwise take up valuable resources and time. In addition, automation can help eliminate the risk of human error through often-clunky manual processes.

Case study: Dayton Parts Automates Data Movement and Distribution with Managed File Transfer

View video: Managed File Transfer for Manufacturing Industry

Reap ROI Rewards with MFT

GoAnywhere MFT is a flexible solution that helps manufacturers both large and small execute day-to-day transactions and can quickly be adapted and customized to new processes and requests. To find out how bringing GoAnywhere MFT into your manufacturing operation can quickly pay off check out our ROI calculator.

And, take a brief look at how GoAnywhere can help solve file transfer security and automation issues at your operation with our on-demand demo.

Watch a brief demo

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