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What Does Integration Buy You?

Data Integration with MFT

What Can Data Integration Buy You?

Data integration is the practice of consolidating data from a number of sources into a single, unified, and consistent source.

This way of configuring data does an excellent job of meeting the needs of business processes and is a key component of any thriving data security structure.

Make the data integration process more efficient by learning exactly what you can get by integrating.

File Transfer Integration

Getting sensitive files from one place to the next is a business essential, and while there are various ways to do this, they are often time-consuming and prone to error.

Managed file transfer (MFT) solutions are a secure way to centralize, simplify, and automate your data movements.

An MFT solution like GoAnywhere MFT can help with file transfer integration in many ways. GoAnywhere can streamline the exchange of data between systems, employees, customers, and trading partners. While its intuitive interface and comprehensive workflow features help to eliminate the need for custom programs/scripts, single-function tools, manual processes, or unsecure file transfer methods like FTP.

As a secure file transfer solution, GoAnywhere successfully pulls off the file transfer integration process to save you time and money, improve security, simplify server-to-server transfers, and meet compliance requirements.

GoAnywhere also offers additional features that allow you to integrate data flow between the cloud and web apps you use daily. It can be deployed on-premises, in a cloud or hybrid environment, or as a SaaS solution to give your organization the ultimate flexibility you need to transfer files securely.

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Cloud Integrations

GoAnywhere’s cloud integrations, also known as Cloud Connectors, are application integrations built so you can link to popular cloud-based tools. These include in-demand web and cloud services like SharePoint, Dropbox, Salesforce, and more.

By installing Cloud Connectors, you can better streamline and further consolidate your workflows using GoAnywhere. You can skip the manual drag-and-drop (or unsecure connections) by setting up automated workflows within GoAnywhere that moves files between applications based on your pre-set conditions.

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Data Loss Prevention

Data loss is one of today’s constant threats to a successful business, with organizations facing serious consequences like potential fines or a damaging loss to reputation after a data breach.

To avoid data leaks or data exfiltration, pairing Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software with an MFT solution is a combination that elevates data security by adding an additional layer of protection to data. DLP tools help to safeguard business-critical data and focus on minimizing risk to organizations by detecting and preventing unauthorized or accidental disclosure of sensitive data.

This data security tactic also helps satisfy compliance regulations and data privacy laws, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, or GDPR, that require secure environments and appropriate protection of data.

DLP does so through features such as:

  • Data Redaction: The ability to replaces sensitive text with a series of asterisks to protect PII, PCI, HIPPA, and sensitive information from being received or sent out.
  • Document Sanitization: The ability to remove metadata from documents, such as track changes, author information, digital signatures, etc.
  • Optical Character Recognition: This feature can detect text in images that can be contained in scanned documents and can redact them.
  • Structural Sanitization: The ability to detect and removes active code from emails and attachments to help prevent advanced persistent threats.
  • Text Replacement: This feature can replace sensitive text – including PII, PCI, and HIPAA – with asterisks.

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Integrate Your Data Seamlessly

Data integration empowers you to share, transfer, and convert data across platforms easily. Stop wasting time on manual efforts to transfer files and start embracing file transfer integration by giving GoAnywhere MFT a try today.

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