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On-Demand Webinar

FileCatalyst for C++ Developers

Summary This webinar, presented by FileCatalyst’s President and CEO, John Tkaczewski, shows viewers how to leverage the FileCatalyst C++ API to add file transfer acceleration directly into a workflow. The webinar covers the features of the C++ API, the requirements, how to get started with using the API, and a demo on building a visual C++ fast file transfer application. What & How The features of...
On-Demand Webinar

FileCatalyst for Java Developers

Summary FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President, John Tkaczewski, presents viewers with an in-depth look at FileCatalyst from a developer’s perspective. This webinar provides an overview of how to build a fully functional file transfer application using the FileCatalyst Client Java API and NetBeans. What & How The Development Kit is the foundation of our products; if you own any qualifying products...
On-Demand Webinar

Remote Data Replication for disaster recovery

Summary When working across global networks, getting files from office to another across continental distances can be a very slow, and costly task to accomplish. Whether making off-site disaster recovery backups, mirroring data across multiple offices, FTP limits the possibilities of creating global content distribution networks. What & How In this webinar FileCatalyst Co-Founder and President...
On-Demand Webinar

Overcoming the Limits of Email Attachments with FileCatalyst

Summary We all use email on a daily basis; millions are sent every minute, making it “the way” we communicate at work. As handy as emails are, they still have limitations that hold back their content sharing potential. One critical setback is the strict size limitations placed on attachments, at a mere 25 MB. In this webinar, FileCatalyst’s Co-Founder and President, John Tkaczewski, shows...
On-Demand Webinar

Aberdeen's AberFast and FileCatalyst

Aberdeen’s AberFast solution enables the quick sharing of files across the globe with their cloud-based file delivery and transcoding solution. Helping to give the digital delivery system its extra oomph in file transfer speed is an integration with FileCatalyst UDP-based technology. The partnership provides clients operating in the broadcast industry a one-stop solution to upload, transcode, and...