Compliance for File Transfer Data Security

Data security compliance is more vital than ever. Explore news and resources on how to achieve or maintain file transfer compliance.

Complying with Data Security Requirements

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Organizations of all sizes work to adhere to industry security standards and emerging personal data protection requirements, but without the right solutions and policies, manually gathering the required data and creating audit reports can add hundreds of hours to the IT workload.

Some of the most-discussed data security compliance requirements and regulations include:

  • GDPR
  • GLBA
  • SOX

Discover how to comply with these and other data security compliance requirements.

How GoAnywhere MFT Helps with Compliance

GoAnywhere MFT can help you meet a variety of security standards by providing file transfer encryption technologies, file transfer monitoring, detailed audit logs and reporting, granular user permissions, and flexible options for sending files securely.

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Compliance & Cybersecurity

Security regulations are in place for a reason. Misunderstanding or failing to meet current data security standards can — and do — lead to costly data breaches. Following regulations and enforcing compliance keeps your organization on track to safeguard data and detect violations. The importance of compliance in an organization can be tied back to cybersecurity. Compliance requirements often outline the minimum conditions to be considered secure — a compliance blueprint that organizations can follow to achieve a strong cybersecurity stance.

Common Data Security Compliance Standards

This collection of resources is designed to help you stay on top of the latest compliance information so you can strengthen security in your organization and face compliance audits with confidence.

Jump to a specific data security regulation page:

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) works to ensure credit card data is stored, processed, and transmitted in a secure way. Learn more about how GoAnywhere hepls acheive PCI compliant file transfer. Read the PCI DSS datasheet to learn more.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) serves to safeguard medical information with a series of data privacy and security provisions. Learn how GoAnywhere helps with HIPAA compliant file transfer and file sharing. Read the Healthcare datasheet to learn more.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was designed to protect the personal data of EU-based individuals, while harmonizing data privacy laws throughout the EU. Learn more about how GoAnywhere assists with GDPR compliant file transfer. Read the GDPR datasheet to learn more.

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) establishes a set of security guidelines that help to reduce the security risk to federal data. Learn more about how GoAnywhere helps with FISMA compliant file transfer. Read the FISMA datasheet to learn more.

What is Data Security Compliance?

Data security compliance rests on the idea that there are steps organizations can take to safeguard the data they collect and process to ensure it is secure. Different organizations – governments, governing bodies, and industry-related groups – establish basic guidelines that businesses should follow to safeguard the data they collect. Complying with regulations often means ensuring your organization is using secure file transfer protocols, encryption processes, and today’s technology.

Keep Reading: How to Help Ensure Compliance with Data Privacy Laws

What is Compliant File Sharing & Transfer?

Compliant file sharing varies from requirement to requirement, but most often requires using encrypted connections to share files with trading partners both on-premises and in the cloud, encrypting files, and ensuring data integrity. Proving compliance typically involves demonstrating secure data transfer methods, and providing audit logs to an auditor. Some solutions, including GoAnywhere MFT, track file movements and give you the ability to pull the logs as needed. Compliant file sharing comes down to awareness: who is viewing your files, where are your files moving to, and are they secure during transfer and in storage?

Compliant file transfers should an important piece of your cybersecurity strategy. Most compliance requirements outline the minimum standards that organizations should follow to safeguard data. Following — or exceeding — requirements and regulations when it comes to file transfer can help you avoid interception and tampering, as well as reduce the risk of data breaches.

Maintaining Compliance

Maintaining compliance varies by requirement. Many compliance requirements outline guidelines for data collection, user access, file transfer, and security both in transit and in motion. Organizations need technical, administrative, and managerial controls in place, as well as organizational policies, to fully enforce and ensure compliance from the top down. Your business can comply by:

  • Developing a procedure to quickly locate and delete personal data about a person
  • Simplifying your method of safely disposing of customer information when requested to do so
  • Ensuring you can appropriately audit your records to find all personal data, including any external companies you’ve shared information with

See how compliance requirements vary:

All Compliance Resources

Latest Compliance Resources

Read the most recent compliance-related blogs from GoAnywhere. Can’t find the compliance requirement or regulation you’re looking for? Contact us to learn how GoAnywhere can help you.

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Encryption for Exchanging Files

Selecting the right encryption method for securing data transfers can help shield against incidents that can wreak havoc with your budget, reputation with your customers, and cost precious time and resources.

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What is FISMA?

Discover the Federal Information Security Management Act, a U.S. law that governs data security for U.S. agencies and contractors.

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The 5 Biggest PCI Compliance Breaches

Lessons Learned from 5 top PCI DSS and credit card breaches. Learn the risks of PCI non-compliance or a data breach, and how your organization can keep your data secure.

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PCI Statistics That May Shock You

Complying with PCI DSS standards isn’t always easy, but it is always smart. Check out some surprising statistics that shed light on how vulnerable payment information can be.

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How to Comply with Brazil's Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD)

Brazil’s GDPR, which uses the acronym LGPD for “Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados” is the country’s latest and largest law to protect personal data privacy. Learn about how you can comply with the LGPD.

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Data Sheets for Types of Compliance

You need compliant file transfer, and GoAnywhere has the solution. Get the detailed specs on how GoAnywhere MFT helps achieve compliant file transfer no matter your industry or region:

GoAnywhere compliance data sheets
Type of Compliance About Get the Datasheet
Overview — How GoAnywhere Helps Learn how GoAnywhere MFT can help you manage and secure the exchange of private data in order to comply with a variety of compliance laws and regulations. Meeting Security Standards with GoAnywhere MFT
FISMA An effective managed file transfer solution is critical for helping government agencies meet strict security regulations and policies. Simplified, Secure and Automated Managed File Transfer Solutions for FISMA
GDPR GoAnywhere offers several popular encryption technologies to help businesses secure sensitive data and comply with the GDPR. Meeting GDPR Requirements with GoAnywhere MFT
Healthcare — Europe-specific Learn how GoAnywhere MFT gives healthcare organizations a safe, streamlined way to send files and sensitive ePHI and HER data to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and insurance companies. Meeting European Compliance Requirements for Healthcare
PCI DSS — General PCI DSS applies to every organization around the world that processes credit or debit card information. GoAnywhere is designed to help you meet PCI DSS compliance requirements. Meeting PCI DSS Requirements with GoAnywhere
PCI DSS — Banking & Finance Banks and financial agencies are starting to move to managed file transfers like GoAnywhere MFT to simplify, secure, and automate their sensitive data transfers. PCI-Compliant File Transfers for Banking & Finance Organizations

Top Compliance Case Studies & Use Cases

Global Health Organization Streamlines PCI DSS Compliance for File Transfers with GoAnywhere MFT

Moving from CoreFTP and WinSCP file transfers may seem challenging. See how this global healthcare IT company found time and cost savings with GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer and never looked back.

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Think Mutual Bank Uses GoAnywhere MFT for Robust Features and PCI DSS Compliance

When Think Bank needed a way to transfer data between systems, they looked for a solution that was easy to implement, helped with PCI-compliant file transfers, and had robust functionality. Cue GoAnywhere MFT: a solution that does all this and more.

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University of Tennessee Medical Center Uses MFT to Improve the Security of Sensitive Patient Data

Discover how the University of Tennessee Medical Center streamlined its file transfer processes, increased data security for sensitive PHI, and simplified vendor connections with GoAnywhere MFT.

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MFT Helps Reduce Fortegra’s File Transfer Risk

Credit insurers, like Fortegra exchange many sensitive financial files weekly. By switching to GoAnywhere MFT from a legacy system, they quickly realized ease-of use, encryption, automation, reporting, and more.

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Compliance Webinars on Demand

Meeting Compliance Requirements with GoAnywhere

Achieve compliant file sharing with a secure MFT solution. Discover how to meet secure file transfer requirements with GoAnywhere MFT. This webinar covers different data security compliance standards, the importance of compliance in an organization, and how MFT can help you comply with the proper regulations.

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Meeting GDPR Compliance with GoAnywhere

Boost your knowledge of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and watch a live demo on how GoAnywhere can help you achieve compliance with secure file transfer.

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Ensure File Transfer Compliance with GoAnywhere

With GoAnywhere, you can eliminate cumbersome custom programming and scripting normally required for data transfers. MFT can also improve the quality and security of the files you send in-house or to remote locations, trading partners, other businesses, or the cloud. Data security compliance is important in any organization, and GoAnywhere MFT can help you achieve compliant file sharing, file transfer, and more:

With an auditable solution with secure file transfers, secure email, separation of permissions by user role, and at rest encryption, GoAnywhere MFT can help you achieve or advance your file transfer compliance. Learn more today.

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