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How GoAnywhere MFT Helps the Healthcare Industry Thrive

GoAnywhere MFT and the Healthcare Industry

GoAnywhere MFT is Just What the Doctor Ordered

The healthcare industry is a complex system full of regulations to comply with and highly sensitive data to move from one location to the next.

From dramatic cost cutting, to eliminating manual processes, to strengthening data encryption and more, GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) is just what the doctor ordered for the healthcare industry.

What is GoAnywhere MFT?

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure file transfer solution that works for healthcare organizations and businesses to give them a safe and streamlined way to send large files and sensitive electronic protected health information (ePHI) and electronic health record (HER) data to hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and insurance companies. All while complying with EDI X12 trading partner requirements and other industry regulations.

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How Does GoAnywhere Safeguard & Simplify File Transfers?

GoAnywhere simplifies and secures file transfer operations for those in healthcare by doing the following:

File Transfer for the Healthcare Industry

Secure file transfer is utilized in the healthcare industry on a daily basis to:

  • Automate and manage file transfers via a web-friendly dashboard
  • Coordinate patient updates with outside physicians
  • Protect payroll file transfers sent between healthcare organizations and banks
  • Streamline the transmission of patient histories and insurance information
  • Secure medication records from pharmacies
  • Authenticate users so only intended parties can access data
  • Secure patient data transfers to HHS or the CDC

Real Ways GoAnywhere Has Helped the Healthcare Industry

GoAnywhere has worked with numerous healthcare organizations and businesses over the years to save them time, money, and transfer sensitive patient data without error securely.

Here are some examples of how GoAnywhere helps real healthcare providers to improve the security of their patients’ private health information.

Southeastern Health

Initially, file transfers at Southeastern Health were handled with less efficient and secure FTP methods, leading the team there to look for a better way. With their sights on a solution that could not only share information efficiently, but protect patients’ privacy, comply with HIPAA, and streamline the entire process safely, they knew GoAnywhere was the high-caliber MFT solution they had been looking for.

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As a loyal customer of GoAnywhere MFT for over 10 years, Southeastern Health has utilized the solution for an array of projects, emails, and moving file transfers to other locations. Their integration of GoAnywhere with Epic, an electronic medical record solution, to perform secure server-to-server file transfers has been key to their efficiency with data movement. As of today, they have about 100 processes running, including sending out important pharmacy data.

To learn more about how Southeastern Health relies on GoAnywhere MFT to support its mission of quality healthcare, read the full story.

Cancer Registry of Greater California

Often, healthcare clients of GoAnywhere MFT find that the solution helps them address a diverse number of problems in their organization. With the Cancer Registry of Greater California (CRGC), their intention was to improve data movement between facilities while simultaneously maintaining stringent PHI requirements for file transfers.

Along with achieving what they initially set out to do, the CRGC has also been able to remove previous roadblocks and expand the benefit of the solution for their organization. No longer limited by file size limitation with GoAnywhere, the CRGC has transferred even the largest of research data sets successfully. By utilizing automation, employees are given the ability to submit files directly into a workflow system. While GoAnywhere’s Secure Mail feature provides important safety features through its ability to specify a recipient’s email address, the flexibility for users to submit their own password or select from a pre-chosen one, and a variety of package expiration options.

To learn more about how GoAnywhere MFT boosts team collaboration and productivity for the CRGC, read the full story read the full story.

University of Tennessee Medical Center

Before implementing GoAnywhere MFT, The University of Tennessee Medical Center previously relied on manual processes to execute, manage, and confirm the arrival of file transfers.

Along with reducing the reliance on a single employee, GoAnywhere MFT helps this Knoxville medical center to:

  • Eliminate time-consuming Visual Basic (VB) scripting
  • Improve, strengthen, and automate its file transfers
  • Fulfill its encryption, scheduling, and monitoring needs
  • Comply with HIPAA requirements

To learn more about how the University of Tennessee Medical Center uses GoAnywhere MFT to improve the security of sensitive patient data, read the full study.

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A Global Health Organization

When this global health organization discovered they needed to move to architecture specifically dedicated to file transfer processes and put something between their servers and the outside world, GoAnywhere MFT was the solution they turned to.

GoAnywhere Gateway, an enhanced reverse and forward proxy that provides an additional layer of security for data exchanges was a key factor in their decision. Needing to comply with PCI DSS, the reverse proxy feature in GoAnywhere Gateway which allows inbound ports into a private network to remain closed has remained essential for this establishment.

This global health organization has also remained impressed with the support they have received, auditing features, and the powerful capabilities of GoAnywhere’s workflows. To date, they have around 200 jobs scheduled with the solution.

To learn more about how this global health organization streamlines PCI DSS compliance for file transfers with GoAnywhere MFT, read the full story.

AnMed Health

After trying to get by with an FTP server that had a history of being unreliable, Anderson Area Medical Center (AnMed Health) knew they needed to find a better and more sustainable solution; enter GoAnywhere MFT.

Along with eliminating the need for 3rd shift Data Center staffing, GoAnywhere MFT helps AnMed health to:

  • Save their programming, operations, and network staff over 500 hours a month
  • Automate their insurance claims and processing
  • Cut green bar paper costs entirely, along with yearly printer maintenance
  • Transfer files to vendors that would not have been possible before GoAnywhere
  • Maintain their high volume of over 5,000 transfers every month
  • Maintain the high security standards needed to meet HIPAA requirements
  • Transition tasks that used to take several days to just a few hours

To learn more about how AnMed Health improves their file transfer stability and enjoys significant cost savings thanks to GoAnywhere MFT, read the full study.

Bristol Hospital

Delivering the best possible experience for its patients is of the utmost importance to Bristol Hospital. Data security is a necessity when it comes to patient data and other HIPAA-related information.

Every day, Bristol Hospital exchanges data with dozens of doctors, insurance companies, billing systems, and vendors. This data includes a variety of sensitive information including health care records, purchase orders, and claim information.

Bristol Hospital needed a solution they could trust to “walk the walk” and provide strong data encryption capabilities, authentication, and audit trails. GoAnywhere MFT was the solution they chose to automate and secure their file transfers on a timely basis.

Along with a significant amount of time and money saved through the removal of manual transfer processes and courier services, GoAnywhere MFT helps Bristol Hospital to run ad-hoc transfers when needed, satisfy encryption needs, and keep all transfer functions centralized.

To learn more about how Bristol Hospital takes no risks with sensitive data by implementing GoAnywhere MFT, read the full study.

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Nemours Children’s Health System

Nemours Children’s Health System (Nemours) cares for over 30,000 children annually, creating an ever-changing landscape for various types of file transfers.

Traditionally, the exchange of data with vendors and clients was both difficult and time-consuming for Nemours staff. Without standardized methods for transferring data, the team began to feel the strain of inefficiency as both the organization and volume of file transfers grew.

Along with staying up to date with security and communication protocols to ensure protected and reliable data transfer, GoAnywhere MFT helps Nemours to:

To learn more about how Nemours Children’s Health System saves time with the flexibility of GoAnywhere MFT, read the full story.

The Best Treatment for ePHI and EHR Data? GoAnywhere MFT

With a secure file transfer solution like GoAnywhere MFT in place, health providers can relax knowing patient information is encrypted in transit and at rest, no matter if it resides inside or outside the private network.


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