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Centralize Your EDI X12 File Translation with GoAnywhere MFT

 X12 EDI file translation with GoAnywhere’s secure file transfer software

GoAnywhere recently released a new version of its award-winning managed file transfer solution, GoAnywhere MFT. Version 6.1 includes support for electronic data interchange (EDI) X12 standards, as well as enhanced the product’s existing XML data translation abilities.

Organizations that need to comply with trading partner requirements for EDI document standards can now use GoAnywhere to translate and move X12 and XML files quickly and securely between locations. This includes file movement to servers, users, web applications, remote offices, and even the cloud.

What is EDI? What is EDI X12?

EDI is a flat file format used by business-to-business (B2B) trading partners in industries like banking and finance, technology, retail, healthcare, and higher education. X12 is a form of EDI data. X12 is supported by the ASC X12 standard and is used by leading businesses worldwide to exchange sensitive EDI documents with clients, trading partners, and other organizations.

Why You Should Centralize Your EDI X12 File Translation

Reliance on the EDI X12 standards to exchange files between organizations is increasing. Businesses expect their trading partners to be able to handle high-volume transfers of EDI X12 documents. Because of this, there’s a growing need for critical EDI data translation and AS2 server protocols to be included in a secure, centralized, and affordable solution. (Why AS2? AS2 is frequently used by trading partners when transferring EDI documents.)

Today, organizations satisfy EDI X12 requirements for file translation and data movement through a mixture of written scripts, homegrown tools, single-use PC applications, and other manual processes. These methods allow businesses to receive files, translate them to or from X12 EDI format, and move them to other applications or servers for storage or processing, but they can be time-consuming to maintain and difficult to integrate.

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With GoAnywhere, users can rely on a single, solid managed file transfer solution with built-in EDI X12 capabilities to do all of this. GoAnywhere supports users’ abilities to read, write, map, move, transfer, and process X12 and XML files safely, securely, and easily between databases.

This all-in-one approach guarantees organizations will save the resources, including time, money, and workload, that are usually needed to hard-code data maps. GoAnywhere also supports file transfer encryption, automation, auditing, and reporting work alongside EDI file translation to ensure every organization’s data is safeguarded 100% of the time.

GoAnywhere’s latest release also includes a user-friendly graphical data mapping tool that can map everything from shipping notices to purchase orders. Use this data mapping tool to visually map your EDI data between RowSets and files.

EDI X12 Transaction Sets

Have your trading partners requested you use a certain transaction set to exchange files? Each transaction set corresponds with a number and type of document. For example, 850 corresponds to purchase orders, so all files under the 850 transaction set must be purchase orders and follow EDI standards for file formatting.

GoAnywhere MFT includes out-of-the-box integrations with popular web and cloud applications. For those with EDI X12 requirements, GoAnywhere offers more than 6,800 X12 data transaction sets, and it’s easy to get started. If you have GoAnywhere already, you simply need to purchase a starter pack and choose the six templates you’d like access to. Additional transaction sets are also available to help keep your X12 EDI needs centralized in one industry-leading managed file transfer solution.

Centralize Your EDI X12 File Translation Today

Take care of file transfers and EDI in one easy-to-use solution for better efficiency and less overall cost. Request a personalized demonstration of the product today to see GoAnywhere’s powerful EDI data translation capabilities in action.

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