Free FTP Server

Free FTP Server

An enterprise-level FTP server is included in the free license of GoAnywhere MFT, which provides an intuitive browser-based administrator dashboard, extensive security features, user management, file triggers and detailed audit trails.

The free FTP server can be installed to a variety of platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, and IBM i.

FTP Server Features:

Easily manage user permissions and file transfer settings. Our free license includes all the features you need to securely transfer data on any platform.

  • Remote administration and monitoring through a browser-based interface
  • Multiple user authentication methods; database, Active Directory (AD), LDAP and IBM i
  • Users can be restricted to specific home directories and subfolders
  • Folder level permissions (upload, download, delete, rename, etc.) by user and group
  • Disk quotas by user account
  • Automatically encrypt files in targeted folders using AES256 encryption
  • Restrict user logins to certain days-of-week or times-of-day
  • Receive instant notifications on login failures and other errors
  • View active sessions for logged-in users
  • Create custom welcome and logout messages
  • Configure maximum number of sessions, maximum login failures and idle timeouts
  • Accept or reject files with certain extensions
  • Block Brute-Force and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks with an automatic IP blacklist
  • Support for multiple listeners with configurable port numbers
  • Event triggers to automatically process files or send email notifications
  • Support for client requests to resume file transfers

Start Using the Free FTP Server Today

Download the free license of GoAnywhere MFT and experience its powerful FTP server.


Free Remote Collaboration with GoAnywhere

To help remote employees share data securely during COVID-19, GoAnywhere MFT is offering free 90-day acccess to our remote collaboration license.

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Configuring Your Free FTP Server

To allow trading partners (also known as Web Users) to connect to GoAnywhere MFT to upload or download files, you must start the service listeners for the protocols that your trading partners will use. Configuration for your FTP server is a breeze in GoAnywhere MFT.

  1. Configure your service to start running
  2. Create web users and manage their access
  3. Start collaborating!
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FTP Server Configuration
FTP Audit Logs

FTP Audit Logs

Audit trails (logs) are generated for all FTP sessions in GoAnywhere MFT to meet auditing and compliance requirements. This detail includes commands issued, messages, IP addresses, user ids and file names transferred.

Logs can be viewed from within the browser-based administrator, and can be filtered by date range, user name, file name and other criteria. Log messages can additionally be sent to a SYSLOG server using UDP or TCP connections.

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GoAnywhere Gateway

Keep your file servers inside your private networks and out of the DMZ. This software solution provides an additional layer of security for exchanging data with your trading partners, clients, and users. Secure your inbound ports with the DMZ Secure Gateway.

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GoAnywhere Gateway, the DMZ secure gateway

Download the free license of GoAnywhere MFT and experience its powerful FTP server.