EDI X12 and EDIFACT Transaction Sets

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Companies in industries like healthcare, government, higher education, manufacturing, and banking often rely on EDI X12 and EDI files to exchange documents securely between trading partners, vendors, and clients. With 8,000 EDI and EDIFACT file formats available for use, many organizations are on the hunt for a secure solution that can simplify their data translation and file transfer requirements.

GoAnywhere MFT is a single, platform-agnostic solution that transfers files securely across all areas of the business. With out-of-the-box integrations for popular web and cloud applications, GoAnywhere offers organizations templates for several thousand EDIFACT and EDI X12 document types: educational institution records, invoices, purchase orders, healthcare claims, and more.

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What are EDI X12/EDIFACT transaction sets?

"Transaction sets" are groups of documents that have been defined by the ANSI X12 EDI standard or the UN/ECE EDIFACT standard. By agreeing to specific transaction sets, organizations ensure that both parties understand the rules of each document.

What’s the difference between EDI X12 and EDIFACT transaction sets?

  • EDI X12 transaction sets are primarily used by organizations operating in the U.S.
  • EDIFACT transaction sets are used worldwide, often by non-U.S. businesses.

Which transaction sets does GoAnywhere offer?

GoAnywhere MFT comes with over 6,800 transaction sets. Customers can begin with a starter pack that gives them access to six X12 EDI template types of their choice. Once this pack has been purchased, customers can add one-off transaction sets to their account as needed.

Explore Our EDI Transaction Sets

Featured Transaction Sets

Educational Institution Record

Student Loan Transfer and Status Verification


Electronic Filing of Tax Return Data

Payment Cancellation Request

Purchase Order

Shipment and Billing Notice

Functional Acknowledgement (FA)

Additional Transaction Sets

Don’t see the transaction set you’re looking for? We’ve listed our most popular ones here, but there are thousands more to explore in GoAnywhere. Start a trial today or contact us for more information.


EDI Transaction Sets

GoAnywhere’s Transaction Set Marketplace

Finding the transaction sets your organization needs is a breeze! With GoAnywhere MFT’s marketplace, users have access to many of the industry’s most popular EDIFACT and X12 EDI MFT transaction sets, including nearly all the sets available between 800-999.

Are you a current GoAnywhere customer?

To access GoAnywhere’s marketplace, log into your admin interface in GoAnywhere, then navigate to System > Add-ons and click Browse Marketplace. There are two sections: you’ll want to choose "EDI X12 Transaction Sets" or "EDIFACT Transaction Sets" to continue.

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