Syncrofy for GoAnywhere

Gain new insights and better monitor your Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions with Syncrofy. This third-party product from CoEnterprise offers key stakeholders across various departments a user-friendly window into your organization’s real-time EDI transactions, as well as new ways to track, monitor, and analyze your data more effectively.

What is EDI?

EDI is a B2B flat file format often used in industries like healthcare, government, higher education, manufacturing, and banking. There are over 300 types of EDI transaction sets available today.

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While the number of file formats can make exchanging EDI files cumbersome, data translation solutions and products that make EDI documents easy to read for administrators and business users alike can simplify your file movement, tracking, and decision-making. That’s where GoAnywhere and Syncrofy come in.

What is Syncrofy?

Syncrofy is an EDI visibility and management solution that helps organizations see and analyze EDI data in a simplified way. With a self-service interface built for IT professionals and business stakeholders alike, Syncrofy displays EDI data in an easy-to-read format, so anyone can discover problems before they occur, collaborate with internal teams and partners, and use data visualizations to make better-informed decisions.

Using Syncrofy with GoAnywhere MFT

Resolve your organization’s EDI challenges when you combine GoAnywhere with Syncrofy.

  • Stay on top of your SLAs and resolve errors and exceptions before they fail.
  • Set rules to receive alerts and notifications for the transactions that are most important to you.
  • Leverage self-service functionality for business users to alleviate stress on IT resources.
Using Syncrofy with GoAnywhere MFT

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Benefit from improved, real-time data visibility and document management when you streamline your EDI processes with GoAnywhere MFT and Syncrofy.

Use an EDI + MFT Solution to Understand and Streamline Your Transactions

Discover how to centralize, streamline, and improve your EDI management when you use GoAnywhere with Syncrofy.

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