EDI X12 Files

EDI X12 is an Electronic Data Interchange format based on ASC X12 standards. Organizations worldwide use EDI X12 format to exchange data between two or more trading partners.

GoAnywhere MFT can translate data into EDI X12 format or convert X12 EDI documents into other file formats. These documents are then loaded into a database or moved to trading partner servers for further processing.

Transaction Sets

X12 EDI documents adhere to strict formatting rules. A single X12 EDI document is referred to as a transaction set. A transaction set is made up of data elements, segments, and envelopes.

X12 transaction set formats are available for download in the GoAnywhere MFT add-on marketplace.

EDI X12 Transaction Sets

Data Mapping Tool

GoAnywhere’s built-in EDI data mapping tool makes using EDI X12 in project workflows simple. Both read and write tasks utilize this mapping tool, which allows users to visually map and configure an EDI X12 task process. Just drag and drop to link input X12 EDI data to output variables and files, and vice versa.

Insert EDI X12 documents into a database with GoAnywhere, and query database tables and write data to EDI X12 documents with step-by-step instructions in our tutorials.

Reading and Writing EDI

The GoAnywhere MFT Project Designer features both read and write EDI X12 tasks.

Reading EDI

The read task translates an X12 EDI document to one or more RowSet variables using predefined transaction set formats. Those variables can then be used to import the data into a database or translated to another file type such as Excel, fixed-width, or CSV.

Read EDI X12 Data Mapping Tool

Writing EDI

The Write EDI X12 task converts data (database, CSV, fixed-width, Excel, etc.) contained in one or more RowSet variables to an X12 EDI document using transaction set formats.

Write EDI X12 Data Mapping Tool

Explore simplified X12 EDI data translation for your organization.

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