AS2 Module and Unlimited Partner Accounts Add Greater Flexibility

August 24, 2011 

Linoma Software [now HelpSystems] announces the 2.5 release of GoAnywhere Services, a secure file server application that allows trading partners to connect and exchange data using standard and secure protocols.

The latest release adds a new AS2 service module for receiving EDI documents and other files from trading partners. The AS2 module is fully RFC compliant with support for MDN receipts, encryption, data compression, certificate authentication and detailed audit logs. Documents can also be sent to partners over AS2 using the GoAnywhere Director companion product. Unlike many of its competitors, Linoma is charging a flat price for the AS2 module with no per-partner fees, and is also offering a competitive discount to those who upgrade from another qualifying AS2 product.

Several other new features for GoAnywhere Services 2.5 include

  • Web Client - Trading partners can utilize the Web Client to securely upload and download files through their browser over the HTTPS protocol. With the new release, customers can tailor the Web Client with their own help text and disclaimers. End-users can reset their forgotten passwords, resume failed transfers and exchange files in ASCII mode.  All popular browsers are supported including Internet Explorer®, FireFox®, Google Chrome™, and Safari®.
  • Triggers - Files can be automatically processed when they are uploaded, downloaded or when other triggered events take place. In the new release, triggers can now be defined to rename files or call native commands, programs or scripts with parameters.
  • Monitoring - Administrators can now "watch" users that are logged into GoAnywhere Services and monitor activity such as the commands issued and the amount of data being transferred.  Rogue sessions can be terminated by the administrator at any time with a click of the mouse.
  • Banners - Custom welcome messages can be shown to trading partners when they log into FTP, FTPS and SFTP services.
  • Security - Administrators can control when idle sessions will time out, as well as if browsers are allowed to save login credentials. Minimum and maximum ages (in days) can be specified for passwords. Previously used passwords can also be disallowed.
  • Proxy - For protecting server identities, the FTP and FTPS services can route data connections back to the trading partners through the forward proxy service in GoAnywhere Gateway.
  • High Availability (HA) - The configurations and logs for GoAnywhere Services can now be stored in customer database systems including SQL Server, MySQL and DB2 for IBM i. This allows customers to manage and replicate this data using in-house database and HA tools.

GoAnywhere Services supports remote administration from any device with a web browser, including tablets and smart phones. The latest release improves the user’s experience with cleaner screen styles and organization, user preferences and other usability enhancements.

"Feedback from customers so far has been excellent," said Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect at Linoma. "They love the enhanced flexibility, improved customization options and additional administrator tools, and appreciate that they can accommodate more trading partners using FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS and now AS2 protocols."

GoAnywhere Services can be installed on most platforms including Windows®, Linux®, IBM® i (iSeries®), UNIX®, AIX®  and Solaris®.  Pricing starts at $1,495.