Lorraine Callahan, Senior Programmer Analyst | United Security, Life, and Health


United Security Life and Health

Lorraine Callahan and her team at United Security Life and Health used GoAnywhere to help them process claims in-house for the first time by managing EDI file transfers with multiple file formats.


My name is Lorraine Callahan. I work for United Security Life and Health, and I'm a senior programmer analyst and I've been with the company about two and a half years.

Really what GoAnywhere was instrumental for us here at USL was … we decided to process our claims internally. We had previously used an outside vendor for our claims processing.

So, in order to do that, we had to accept EDI files and we had previously not done that. GoAnywhere was instrumental for that process because we had, like, eight trading partners to set up with various FTP methods that they wanted set up, various PGP keys, and the data was different also for some of the trading partners.

Even though it was in EDI format, some of the data was wrapped, some was not. They had different delimiters. So, with the help of your support team at Linoma, we were really able to automate that.

What we were doing for awhile was we were running every process manually. So we'd go out to their site and grab their files, we'd have to manually decrypt them using keys that we had stored, and then we'd have to … we had to have our VB programmers write scripts to parse that data, and we'd have to do this every day manually for a couple months until we were able to automate everything and get everything going.

But, what we ended up doing was we set up transfers with the different trading partners and we were able to download multiple files and create processes with four loops in them so we could actually parse the data within the same project and then load it to our system, executing commands on the 400 right from the same project. We were doing it as the programmers because there was no way we could let users do that. It was instrumental for that.

Before GoAnywhere, how much time were you spending managing file transfers?

Oh, we were spending a good part of our days just downloading the files, parsing them, loading them into the system one by one. I mean, we were spending a good four to five hours a day just downloading these files and running the processes.

And now?

Oh, it's all automated. We don't really have to do anything unless it's one of our trading partners. Typically, they'll change a key or their FTP site will be down, but other than that, the processes are pretty fail safe.

How are you using GoAnywhere to push files to trading partners?

We currently probably have about forty transfers set up and different projects. We push a lot of eligibility files to our trading partners. We use GoAnywhere internally to extract data for certain users – we have that automated in a lot of our jobs where it runs from the job (the CL) that will run the project to extract the data and send it to our users. Every opportunity we get to automate something, then we will, and we use GoAnywhere for that. One-stop shopping!

What happens if there's a problem with one of the file transfers?

We have error routines set up in all of our projects to email the IT department whenever there's any failures and analyzing the issues, typically, is pretty easy. If it's an FTP issue we can just get on and test it right from GoAnywhere – test the connection. If it turns out to be a data issue, your support team has really shown us how we can analyze it by checking the data out on the IFS, so you could actually see the data… because what our processes do is they actually process multiple files, so it's kind of hard to look at the data unless you know where it was loaded on the IFS, so that is really helpful. It's usually data issues on our trading partners' end.

What has been your experience working with Linoma Software [now HelpSystems]?

I think the help is very good on the product. I think the support is wonderful. I'd probably rate you in the top ten as far as for support on software I've ever dealt with. They're very responsive, and they go above and beyond a lot of times, when I know it could fall into consulting.

What would you say to someone who may be looking for a better way to manage file transfers?

GoAnywhere is a product I would recommend. It's one stop shopping for any of your file transfer needs, either internally or externally. You're able to automate most of your processes. The support is outstanding, and I would recommend it to any company, especially hosted on the iSeries.