GoAnywhere Helps Insurer Process Claims In-House Via Multi-Format EDI Transfers

Industry: Insurance

Founded in 1973, United Security Health & Casualty (USH&C), is a regional insurer licensed in Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas. USH&C specializes in providing individuals and families a variety of products and plan choices to meet their individual needs for medical, disability and accident insurance.

GoAnywhere MFT Helped Make a Smooth Move from External to Internal Claims Processing

When USH & C decided to start processing their customers’ claims internally versus using an outside vendor, they knew their processes would need to include accepting and processing EDI files – something they had not previously done. They decided to put GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer in place to ensure that their newly internalized processes were more seamless and automated than they could have achieved with any manual processes. More importantly, they wanted to ensure that claims processing and working with their existing and future trading partners continued to be efficient and reliable.

Lorraine Callahan, senior programmer analyst at USH & C, pointed out that incorporating GoAnywhere was instrumental to the success of this changeover. With eight trading partners and their accompanying and varied FTP methods, PGP keys, and different types of data files, the task could have had a substantial negative impact on productivity for the IT team and in the speed of claims processed. “Even though the data received was in EDI format, some of it was wrapped, some was not,” noted Callahan. This variability in data required a solution that could handle the heavy lifting of multiple file formats, such as managed file transfer (MFT).

Automation of File Processing Saves Substantial Time

Originally, the insurer ran every file exchange process manually. First, they went out to their trading partner’s site to grab files to be manually decrypted using stored keys. Then, programmers wrote scripts to parse that data daily. This went on for a few months until they decided they needed to automate all these steps with GoAnywhere MFT to efficiently process claims. “With the help of the GoAnywhere support team, we were really able to automate the process of exchanging EDI files.”

Before installing GoAnywhere, the company’s IT team spent a large portion of their day processing files, “We spent a good part of each day just downloading the files, parsing them, and loading them into the system one by one,” noted Callahan. “On average, about four to five hours a day were spent simply downloading files and running processes.”

With GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) and its automated workflow functionality set up, USH&C was able to more easily transfer and process EDI files with their trading partners that included the many loops needed within each specific project. No manual intervention or programming is required. Instead, USH & C programmers are able and available to focus on other larger, more strategic projects instead of repetitive file management.

 “We don't really have to do anything with the file transfer process now unless it involves one of our trading partners, such as a key change, or if their FTP site goes down,” said Callahan. “Other than that, the processes are pretty failsafe.

As a result of seeing the efficiency gained by using GoAnywhere for EDI file transfers, the insurer has put the MFT solution in place across other process within the company. “Every opportunity we get to automate something, we will,” said Callahan.

In addition to the automation and collaboration of file sharing USH & C enjoys with MFT, GoAnywhere provides the insurer with a high level of file transfer security both when files are in motion and while they are at rest. This helps meet the insurance industry’s strict compliance obligations for data transfer.

File Transfer Transparency Amps Up Customer Service

Knowing there’s a problem with a project before your trading partner is ever aware of it is one key to providing excellent service.We have error routines set up in all of our projects designed to alert the IT department whenever there's any failures and to analyze the issues,” said Callahan.

She noted that if the problem turns out to be an FTP issue they can just get on the system and test the connection directly from GoAnywhere. If, however, it turns out to be a data issue, the GoAnywhere support team has worked with the insurer’s IT team to show them how they can start to analyze it internally, by checking the data itself, even when processing multiple files.

Support After Installation’s Proven Invaluable

Getting up and running with new software can sometimes pose problems for teams used to doing things “on their own.” Callahan instead has found that the support needed to fine tune their claims process invaluable. “I think the support is wonderful. I'd probably rate GoAnywhere in the top 10 as far as software support for any software I've ever dealt with. The GoAnywhere support team is very responsive, and they go above and beyond,” said Callahan.

When asked if Callahan would recommend the GoAnywhere solution to colleagues, she enthusiastically replied, “Yes! It's one-stop shopping for any of your file transfer needs, either internally or externally. You can automate most of your processes; the support is outstanding; and I would recommend it to any company, especially those hosted on the iSeries.”

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