Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) File Translation

What is EDI?

GoAnywhere MFT is a leader in Enterprise Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) on G2 GoAnywhere MFT is a leader in Enterprise Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) on G2

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. It’s a flat file format that B2B trading partners use to send and receive business transactions. Both parties must agree on a transaction set before files are exchanged. Each transaction set corresponds with a number and type of document. For example, 850 is a transaction set for purchase orders, so all files under 850 must be purchase orders and follow standard EDI file formatting.

Most trading partners who exchange EDI files are in specific industries. Commonly, banking and finance organizations, technology businesses, and retail stores exchange EDI-compliant documents. EDI is also useful for healthcare and higher education. With over 300 types of transaction sets, chances are there’s an EDI file format that will meet your requirements.

Why Use GoAnywhere for Your EDI File Translation?

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure managed file transfer solution that helps organizations secure, simplify, and automate their file movement between users, systems, applications, trading partners, and the cloud. With GoAnywhere, organizations that need EDI file translation can easily read, write, map, and move X12 and XML files between databases. Organizations will also automatically be provided a receipt when an EDI file is received with auto generated 997 responses to the ReadX12 task with EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment.

With GoAnywhere’s built-in EDI features, you can customize and centralize your encryption and data translation right in the product. No separate tools are required. This all-in-one approach will help you save the time and costs that are traditionally required to hard-code data maps. GoAnywhere’s other features for encryption, automation, and reporting work alongside EDI file translation to ensure your data is protected and streamlined 100% of the time.

With GoAnywhere’s partner management system, you can filter connections (components, resources, audit logs) coming from a specified location or source. This PartnerInfo function helps to identify all transactions and related activity by individual trading partners.

Traditional EDI tools can be complex and time-consuming to set up and manage. Take care of file transfers and EDI in one easy-to-use solution for better efficiency and less overall cost. Start a free trial and explore the benefits of GoAnywhere for yourself.

Read X12 Task in EDI Data Mapping Tool

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Secure EDI X12 Data Translation

X12 is a form of EDI data that is supported by the ASC X12 standard. X12 was introduced in 1979 by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and is used by organizations worldwide to exchange sensitive data with other businesses.

GoAnywhere supports EDI X12 data translation. This allows you to read, write, and map EDI X12 and EDI XML files between databases, as well as:

  • Cut time and costs traditionally required to hard-code data maps
  • Centralize your encryption and data translation in one tool
  • Map data with a browser-based wizard
  • Securely send EDI X12 and XML data transfers

Learn how easy it is to translate source and target data formats with GoAnywhere

Data Mapping Tool

Our data mapping graphical interface makes it easy for users to read and write EDI X12 and XML tasks. With GoAnywhere’s built-in Data Mapping tool, you can:

  • Map everything from shipping orders to purchase orders to educational records
  • Visually map your EDI data between RowSets and files
  • Translate Read EDI X12 tasks to an EDI X12 document to one or more RowSet variables using predefined transaction set formats
EDI Transaction Sets

EDI Transaction Sets

GoAnywhere comes with out-of-the-box integrations for popular web and cloud applications. This includes integrations for more than 6,800 EDI X12 data transaction sets. With GoAnywhere, it’s easy to get started with your EDI data translation needs. A starter pack will give you access to 6 templates. After this pack is purchased, additional transaction sets are also available.

GoAnywhere’s transaction sets include:

  • 850 Purchase Order
  • 113 Educational Institution Record
  • 144 Student Loan Transfer and Status Verification

Learn more about GoAnywhere’s cloud integrations and data transaction sets >

EDI and AS3/AS4

GoAnywhere’s built-in EDI capabilities work seamlessly with GoAnywhere’s AS3 and AS4 client and server software for sending and receiving files seamlessly. AS2 is also supported for those still on AS2. By centralizing the encryption and data translation of your files within a single MFT product, you can greatly simplify the exchange of critical EDI documents with your AS2/AS3/AS4 trading partners.

With GoAnywhere you can:

  • Fully automate your AS2, AS3, and AS4 protocol transfers
  • Encrypt X12 and XML files with strong AES-256 bit encryption
  • Generate detailed audit logs with AS2, AS3, and AS4 transfer information
  • Securely exchange EDI X12 and XML files between businesses

Learn more about GoAnywhere’s AS2 protocol software for client and server transfers


GoAnywhere is EDIFACT compatible. GoAnywhere’s support for the global EDIFACT standard allows you to read and write EDIFACT files in GoAnywhere with trading partners all over the world.

With EDIFACT compatibility you can:

  • Send standard messages to accommodate interaction among various industries and countries
  • Provide a set of syntax rules to structure data
  • Provide an interactive exchange protocol (EDI)

Learn more about the EDI transaction sets we offer here

"We use [GoAnywhere MFT] mainly for processing vendor invoices and customer EFT payment advices. This saves our accounting department many hours every day processing simple and redundant tasks. They have more time for problem solving."
Gordon S., IT Consultant at Trans Am Piping Products | Capterra Review

Achieve More with GoAnywhere MFT

GoAnywhere MFT offers more than just EDI file translation. Expand the security, functionality, and flexibility of our file transfer solution with a selection of licensable modules.

  • Advanced Workflows: Achieve secure FTP automation. Define how your file transfers and processes are configured.
  • Secure Folders: Grant trading partners and customers access to authorized files and folders.
  • Secure Mail: Send encrypted messages and files through GoAnywhere's web client or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Cloud Connectors: Achieve easy connectivity with popular cloud and web applications like Box and SharePoint.

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