Ad Hoc Secure Mail with Outlook Plugin


The Secure Mail module in GoAnywhere MFT allows your employees to send messages and files as secure "packages" on an ad-hoc basis. Recipients will get an email with a unique link to each package, allowing them to download the message and files through a secure HTTPS connection. This is a great alternative to regular email since there are no file size or file type restrictions.

A Secure Mail package can be sent to multiple individuals, in which each recipient will receive a unique link for security and tracking purposes. Packages can additionally be protected using passwords.

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Secure Mail Features

  • Secure Mail can be sent from within the user's browser or from Microsoft Outlook
  • Multiple files can be attached to a single package
  • No file size limitations or file type restrictions
  • Includes options to set expiration dates and maximum downloads
  • URL link for each package is randomly generated using a universally unique identifier (UUID)
  • Packages can additionally be secured using a system-generated or user-specified password
  • Recipients do not have to deal with keys or certificates
  • Files are transferred over a secure HTTPS connection
  • Sender can choose to receive notifications when packages are read
  • Sender can "recall" packages to make unavailable to recipients
  • Customizable templates allow rebranding messages with your own logo, colors, fonts, etc.
  • View audit trails of all package activity (e.g. when sent, when opened, when downloaded, etc.)

GoAnywhere MFT is installed within your network, so your organization will keep localized control over the Secure Mail settings, packages and audit trails. Files will remain on your system until they are downloaded by the recipients; the files are not hosted by a 3rd party. Your employees can authenticate against an existing Active Directory (AD), LDAP or IBM i system within your network.

GoAnywhere Services : Ad-Hoc Secure Mail

GoAnywhere Secure Mail FAQs

How do users write and send emails with Secure Mail?

Users can choose between writing emails in Outlook by using the GoAnywhere MFT Outlook plugin, or by writing emails directly in GoAnywhere MFT’s browser-based interface. Users can attach files to their messages through either interface.

How many recipients can receive Secure Mail?

Like any email service, the user can send Secure Mail to as many recipients as they would like.

For how long can the recipient access files sent via Secure Mail?

The recipient can access the message and files indefinitely unless download limits are defined by the sender, or if the sender recalls a package to make it unavailable.

Does Secure Mail send files directly to the recipient?

No. While recipients receive an email notification, Secure Mail provides recipients with a link through which they can securely download the message contents. This allows the sender to limit how many times a package is viewed or downloaded.

Are files hosted by a third party when sent via Secure Mail?

No. GoAnywhere MFT is installed within your network, which means your organization has localized control over Secure Mail settings, packages, and audit trails. Files remain on your system until they are downloaded by recipients.

What makes Secure Mail secure?

Rather than sending sensitive information via email, all files stay on your system until downloaded by the recipient. During download a secure HTTPS connection is used.

The sender can additionally limit the number of times a user can access or download the messages they receive, recall packages entirely, and view audit logs of files sent, users who access them, and more.

What file size limitations does Secure Mail have?

Secure Mail has no file size limitations or file type restrictions.

How are recipients notified of Secure Mail messages?

Recipients receive an email notification that Secure Mail is available for them. The notification will contain a link to download the message and any files.

Does my recipient need to have GoAnywhere MFT?

No, only the sender needs to have GoAnywhere MFT. However, if certified delivery is requested, the recipient will be required to create an account before the package can be opened.

Recipients can respond and attach their own documents using the same secure protocol.

How does GoAnywhere’s Secure Mail work?

The Secure Mail module allows users to send sensitive messages or files of any size and type through a secure connection. Rather than receiving the file or message as an attachment, recipients are sent a notification via email which shows the message subject, a summary of the file names, and a link for downloading the files in the package.

Users can increase security by limiting the number of times a package can be downloaded, adding a password, and setting up notifications for all package activity.

What is Secure Mail?

Secure Mail is a GoAnywhere MFT module that allows users to send ad hoc messages and files securely. Files and messages are sent as secure “packages” that recipients can download through a secure connection.

Secure Mail is a secure and compliance-friendly replacement for PC file transfer tools.

Compose a Message

Messages can be composed through the GoAnywhere MFT browser-based interface or by using the GoAnywhere Outlook Plugin.

With the Outlook Plugin, the user would compose the message in Microsoft Outlook as normal.  When ready to send, the user would click on the new "Send Secure Mail" button to pass the message through the GoAnywhere MFT Secure Mail module. Rules can be set to automatically use Secure Mail whenever the user sends large file attachments using the regular Outlook "Send" button. The Outlook plugin supports Kerberos Single Sign-on for easier adoption by your users.

Outlook Secure Email Plugin

Secure Mail can also be sent from the user's browser using a secure HTTPS web page. Several customizable options are available on the form. Example:

Compose Secure Email

The allowable package options and defaults can be controlled through global settings. For instance, you could turn off the user's ability to include passwords in the email notifications.

Email Notification

Each recipient of a Secure Mail package will receive a notification via email. The notification will show the message subject, a summary of the attachments and a link for downloading the files in the package. The email below was generated for a recipient.

Compose Secure Email

Secure Download

When a recipient clicks on the link in the notification email, it will open the download page over secure HTTPS protocol. The user can then just click on the files to download or open.

Download Secure Message


Secure Mail settings, packages and audit logs are managed within the GoAnywhere MFT browser-based administrator. To minimize disk space usage, GoAnywhere MFT can automatically purge packages when they expire or when they meet their maximum download count.

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We are using GoAnywhere MFT to keep up with customer needs as they arise and change. GoAnywhere MFT helps us offer data delivery with a much wider breadth of services and features. We use the Secure Mail aspect to provide confidential data to customers without the security risks or plain text, and without having to use another 3rd party program."

Harrison P. | Internal Technical Support - Network, New England Document Systems

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