Ad-Hoc Secure Mail Module Now Available with GoAnywhere Services v2.60

Omaha, Neb - February 12, 2012            Download PDF

A Secure Mail module is now available in the latest version of GoAnywhere Services, allowing users to easily send files (packages) to other individuals on an ad-hoc basis. As its delivery method, recipients will get an email message with a unique link to the package, which they would click to download the files through a secure HTTPS connection.

A Secure Mail package can be sent to multiple individuals, in which each recipient will receive a unique link for security and tracking purposes. This is an ideal alternative to regular email, which can be unsecure and restrictive on file sizes and types.

Ad-hoc file transfer, secure mail moduleHere is a quick overview of new Secure Mail module's features:

  • Multiple files can be attached to a single package
  • No file size limitations or file type restrictions
  • Includes options to set expiration dates and maximum downloads
  • URL link for each package is randomly generated using a universally unique identifier (UUID)
  • Packages can additionally be password-protected
  • Files are transferred over a secure HTTPS connection
  • Sender can receive notifications when packages are read
  • View audit trails of all package activity (e.g. when sent, when opened, when downloaded, etc.)

GoAnywhere Services is installed in the customer's network, so they will keep local control over the Secure Mail settings, packages and audit trails. Data files will remain on their system until they are downloaded by the recipients; the files are not hosted by a third party.

"Our customer's employees needed a secure method to quickly send out sensitive documents or large files," said Bob Luebbe, Chief Architect at Linoma. "With the new Secure Mail module, their IT department will have the oversight and audit logs they need to keep their file transfers in compliance with regulations and privacy laws."

GoAnywhere Services 2.6 includes several other new features:

  • Self Registration - Employees can now register themselves in GoAnywhere Services. Their user accounts can be authenticated against a database, Active Directory (AD), LDAP or IBM i system within your network. This relieves the administrative work on setting up users.
  • Auto-blacklist - IP addresses can be automatically blocked from brute-force or denial-of-service (Dos) attacks. Administrators can customize the algorithms for determining when to block IPs.
  • Password notifications - Individuals can receive email notifications when their passwords are about to expire, along with a link to perform the password change.

GoAnywhere Services can be installed on most platforms including Windows®, Linux®, IBM® i (iSeries®), UNIX®, AIX®  and Solaris®.  Introductory pricing for the Secure Mail module is $2,995 for unlimited users. Visit for more information and to download a free trial.