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IT Professionals Share Why They Need an MFT Solution

IT Professionals and MFT

Take it from Them

As a company that takes immense pride in customer satisfaction, GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer (MFT) always enjoys hearing how and why our real-life customers are using our secure file transfer solution to keep their sensitive data safe.

We talked to a number of our customers about why they need an MFT solution like GoAnywhere and we found there to be one striking similarity among every organization – automation.

The Number One Reason: Automation

Automation is one of the most prominent reasons as to why organizations today need an MFT solution. Not only can you use automation to run workflows (projects) to transfer, encrypt, and process files, you can also utilize automation to monitor the transfers from start to finish, schedule them at later dates, and more.

When it comes to keeping data safe, our customers are using automation to assist their organizations in a variety of ways and for an array of reasons.

The Customer Feedback

These real-life customers are utilizing automation in their organizations on a daily basis to:

Replace Legacy or Manual Methods by...

  • “Reducing the number of manual processes, therefore giving greater tracking visibility.” EDI/System Integration Developer II Healthcare Industry
  • “Replacing FTP with SFTP and adding workflows to replace antiquated batch files.” Systems Engineer – Healthcare Industry
  • “Expanding day-to-day capabilities by replacing archaic file transfer management, inefficient applications, and several manual FTP processes.” Open Systems Developer – Healthcare/Public Sector Industry

Increase Efficiency by...

  • “Consolidating files from multiple ERP systems and automate the movement with several different banks.” Sr. Programmer/Analyst – Manufacturing Industry
  • “Automating routine tasks, providing almost complete 24/7 hands off file exchange processing.” Open Systems Developer – Healthcare/Public Sector Industry
  • “Simplifying day-to-day processes by freeing up technical staff from operational processes, while simultaneously giving the operational staff more ownership over the fitting processes.” – IT Specialist – Legal Services Industry
  • “Significantly reducing the man-hours needed to manage day-to-day operations by automating report generation, file moves, and automated notifications.” – Application Support Specialist – Insurance Industry
  • “Standardizing the file transfer process, reducing the need to involve Development when transferring files, and re-run/rescheduling jobs as needed.” – Security Administrator/Analyst – Construction Industry

Improve File Translation and Movability by...

  • “Extracting void payments, pulling payment data and formatting it into a positive payment file, and then encrypting it and transferring it to the bank.” – Financial Systems Manager – Banking & Finance Industry
  • “Having projects find files, zip them, and exchange them with outside agencies.” – System Administrator II – IT & Telecom Industry
  • “Transferring files between companies, building Excel spreadsheets, utilizing email for report distribution, and sending out formatted emails from batch processes running on the server.” – Anonymous Employee – Manufacturing Industry
  • “Automating orders from a customer via web services by using a RESTful API to send the orders via HTTPS.” – Programmer/Analyst – Retail Industry

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You Heard it Here First

It’s simple to automate your file transfers with the use of a secure file transfer solution like GoAnywhere MFT. Try a free 30-day trial and make automation easy with our automatic file transfer software.

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