The advanced reporting module in GoAnywhere MFT allows you to gain access to important system information as PDF documents. You can easily generate reports of file transfer activity, user statistics and completed jobs from within the console. Reports can be filtered by date, user id and other criteria to select only the information that you are interested in. Both detailed and summary reports are available with informative charts and graphs. Custom Reports can be created using data provided from a database, CSV, Excel, fixed-width, XML, or JSON file.

These reports can be run immediately through the browser-based console or can be scheduled and distributed to the network or sent via email.

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GoAnywhere MFT Reporting

Available Reports:

  • Admin User Activity Details - Displays all admin activity for the selected components
  • Blacklisted IP Addresses - Displays blocked IP addresses and their creation timestamp
  • Completed Jobs Detail - Displays completed jobs, status and the user who ran the job
  • Completed Jobs by Project - Displays completed job details based on their projects and the specified date range
  • Completed Jobs Statistics - Displays the total number of jobs processed during a specified date range
  • Custom Report - Creates a custom report based on data from a database, CSV, Excel, fixed-width, XML, or JSON file
  • Database Statistics - Displays the number of rows for each database table in GoAnywhere MFT
  • Expiring Open PGP Keys - Displays any Open PGP keys that will expire within a specified date range
  • Expiring SSL Certificates - Displays SSL Certificates that will expire within a specified date range
  • File Transfer Summary - Displays the total number of files transferred during the specified date range
  • Global Activity Details - Displays all activity for the selected features based on the search term provided
  • GoDrive Disk Usage - Displays the total amount of disk usage for each GoDrive user
  • Job Count Summary - Displays a pie chart of the number of jobs processed within a specified date range
  • Product Usage Report - Displays product usage information related to service and workflow statistics.
  • Secure Mail Activity - Displays Secure Mail audit activity
  • Secure Mail Disk Usage - Displays the Secure Mail disk usage for each Web User sorted by size
  • Secure Mail Package Sizes - Displays a list of Secure Mail Packages and their sizes
  • Security Settings Audit - Displays critical security settings for PCI DSS compliance
  • Service Activity by Module - Displays all activity for inbound services within the specified date range
  • Service Activity Summary - Displays the number of uploads and downloads for selected protocols
  • Service Errors - Displays all errors for the selected inbound services within the specified date range
  • Trigger Activity - Displays executed Triggers, status and associated event types
  • Unresolved Jobs - Displays Jobs that failed during a specified date range that have not yet been resolved
  • Web User Logins - Displays a list of user logins for the time period specified
  • Web User Transfer Count Activity - Displays the number of file transfers performed by user
  • Web User Transfer Size Activity - Displays the total size of transferred files by each user

Security Settings Audit Report
GoAnywhere MFT can analyze more than 60 different security settings to determine compliance with applicable sections of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). If a security setting does not meet the standard, the report will indicate the corresponding PCI DSS section and the recommendation on how to correct the security setting.

GoAnywhere MFT Reporting

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