Secure ICAP Gateway

Diagram of how the Secure ICAP Gateway works. Document & sensitive information > Secure ICAP Gateway > Sanitized Document > GoAnywhere > Recipients.

Enhance your infrastructure by taking your secure file transfers to the next level. Seamlessly integrate managed file transfer with advanced threat protection and adaptive data loss prevention solutions to keep your sensitive data secure. The Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway and GoAnywhere MFT solution from HelpSystems are the first combination of its kind to give file transfers an unprecedented level of security and oversight from start to finish.

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What are Clearswift Solutions and How Do They Work?

Sharing information comes with inherent risks, including exposing the wrong content – whether sent by mistake or hidden in metadata – and opening your system to malware or threats hidden within file transfers. Clearswift offers a suite of data security solutions with award-winning data loss prevention (DLP) and threat protection across email, web, and endpoints to strengthen your data security.

Content Inspection & Adaptive Data Loss Prevention

Through a seamless MFT integration, the Clearswift ICAP gateway inspects content inside file transfers to ensure that sensitive data is not transmitted OR received. It provides an added layer of protection to ensure that compliance with industry regulations can be maintained.

Key Features:

  • Replace sensitive text – including PII, PCI, and HIPAA – with asterisks.
  • Detect and redact text contained even in scanned images.
  • Text redaction allows for file transfers to continue, minus any offending content.

Minimize False Positives

The Clearswift security suite analyzes the content, including documents in a zip of encryption files, and easily distinguishes between the things that may look like PII, but aren't. As a result, it offers both a high detection rate and a low instance of false positives.

Threat Remediation

Vital to ensuring your file transfers are virus- and malware-free, Clearswift products give you the ability to inspect content for viruses and malware and remove them to make sure you’re not transmitting them alongside your sensitive data.

Regulatory Compliance & Information Governance

Allow select individuals to transmit PII and ensure you can review transfers with a robust auditing system.


Adding this to GoAnywhere MFT prevents files, messages, images or videos from being concealed within another file. This module works for both inbound (hiding malicious code) and outbound (hiding data exfiltration) files.

Optical Character Recognition

When OCR capability is added to GoAnywhere MFT, any text residing inside of images is flagged before it is sent. In addition, pictures of sensitive information can also be identified and withheld before sending.

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Go Beyond Encryption

Encrypting sensitive file transfers is vital for ensuring the privacy and integrity of your data and complying with PCI DSS, privacy laws, and government regulations like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. Encryption can protect your files, but you can do more to ensure your messaging security. Stay aware of what is being transmitted – avoid transmitting viruses, malware, and advanced persistent threats.

Ensure only select individuals have the power to transmit PII, but not everyone. Even if your transmission process is secure, you may want or require the ability to audit who is sending what. Clearswift solutions reinforce your encryption by limiting both who can transfer data, and what that data contains.

Integrating ICAP with GoAnywhere

GoAnywhere MFT and Clearswift's suite of security solutions integrate seamlessly to keep your sensitive data secure

The Clearswift ICAP Gateway adds significant value to GoAnywhere MFT because of its deep content inspection engine, adaptive data redaction, and flexible policy settings, while managed file transfer makes defining file movements a breeze.

One common use case:

  1. MFT securely transfers attachments between employees or trading partners
  2. The ICAP Gateway only intercepts content when threat protection and data loss prevention requirements exist
  3. ICAP runs rule set (keyword search, executable renaming, script removal, etc.)
  4. If the content can be sanitized, the transmission is allowed and continues
  5. If the content cannot be sanitized, the transmission is blocked

Additional features you can add to your file transfer process are structural sanitization, document sanitization, data redaction, anti-steganography, and optical character recognition. Get the best and most thorough security for file transfer.

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The Combined Benefits of MFT and DLP

  1. Modern solutions for modern enterprises. These unified, web-based solutions offer you great technology that is being continually developed.
  2. Cross platform. HelpSystems customers have diverse environments and need a solution that deploys everywhere.
  3. Extensibility. We meet you where you are now, and in the future, with flexible pricing and configuration as your needs change and develop.
  4. Ease of use. Easy to deploy, maintain, update, and manage as organization needs change or develop.
  5. One reliable vendor. HelpSystems is a single vendor offering stability and help solving real, ongoing challenges by integrating your DLP and MFT.

How Else Can Clearswift Help You?

Integrating Clearswift’s core ICAP Gateway and threat protection with MFT can resolve gaps in your process and provide additional benefits.


Check Your Metadata

Control the data you’re sharing by controlling metadata. Avoid sending geotags and document properties, including author, revision history, and comment bubbles, and even information like folder location, last printer used, or email addresses. Clearswift security capabilities detect and remove metadata while retaining the original copy, if required.

detect phi and PII in File Transfer

Audit and Control Data in File Transfers

Detect when customer, employee, or patient records in a file are uploaded to MFT, count the records, and maintain an audit log of what data was shared with whom. When you add Clearswift solutions to your MFT instance, you get Lexical Expression Qualifiers, which can detect records based on multi-field matches, and trigger different actions based on number of records detected (e.g., audit, refer to sender, redact, block).

detect phi and PII in File Transfer

Ensure You Accept the Correct File Types

If you need to accept specific types of files (multimedia, images, XML, Office, PDF), you can enforce "True type" file controls to ensure you don't receive binaries, executables, scripts, or other unwanted file types. Clearswift solutions defend your system based on flie byte pattern rathre than by name. Plus, the solution works with nested files over 50 levels deep.

detect phi and PII in File Transfer

Catch and Destroy Malware

If partners or the general public upload or send files to you – whether through a web-facing file server or through a form submission – ensure any malware contained in the file is caught before it makes its way to you. The Clearswift security suite helps you scan for malware before moving the file to the next step.

Adding GoAnywhere to Clearswift

GoAnywhere MFT and Clearswift solutions – both part of the data security suite from HelpSystems – work together to improve your cybersecurity stance. Share critical information inside and outside your organization with an unprecedented level of management control and security.

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