Easily share files and enhance file collaboration with colleagues, customers, and trading partners by using GoAnywhere MFT. Your employees can share large files ad-hoc or in bulk, and quickly access the most recent version of a file from anywhere — all with total security through encrypted document sharing. Whether you deploy the software on-premises or in the cloud, you are retain complete control of your sensitive data to meet even the most stringent compliance requirements thanks to enterprise grade security and audit logs.

Secure Folders, GoDrive, Secure Forms, and Secure Mail from GoAnywhere MFT give you the power to automate workflows and centralize your management with end-to-end encryption, an intuitive browser interface, and detailed audit trails.

Satisfy Your File Sharing and Collaboration Needs

Choose from multiple GoAnywhere MFT solutions to share files, collaborate effectively, and transfer data effortlessly.

Access Only Authorized Files & Folders

The Secure Folders feature allows you to access authorized files and folders conveniently through a web browser and transfer files securely over HTTPS for encrypted document sharing.

Secure Folders

Send Files of Any Size as Encrypted Messages

Secure Mail allows you to send files and messages as secure packages on an ad-hoc basis. Messages and files are downloaded through a secure HTTPS connection, with no file size or file type restrictions.

Secure Mail

Capture Data Securely with Forms

Create custom forms for gathering information and uploading files to your organization with GoAnywhere MFT Secure Forms. When a form is submitted, the data can be processed using GoAnywhere MFT automated workflows.

Secure Forms

Collaborate & Share with an Alternative to Cloud Based Services

GoDrive is an Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) solution for your employees and trading partners. This file collaboration tool allows you to share, revise, track and synchronize files and folders across Windows, Apple, and Android devices.


Share Files From Anywhere

Send ad-hoc file transfers with GoAnywhere MFT using any one of the secure and intuitive GoAnywhere MFT Mobile Apps. Available on Apple and Android devices.

GoAnywhere Mobile App

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One of the major benefits we have realized is consistency and stability in our file transfer infrastructure. Our Enterprise currently moves over a million files a week and the stability and efficiency of GoAnywhere MFT has really helped us become more productive."

John P., Senior Analyst

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Even at our initial trial of GoAnywhere, I found that many things were easier to do than the way we did them previously. Once I actually started creating projects with it, I wondered how we had gotten along without it. The abilities, to call remote programs and to be called from remote programs, make it easy to get data in and out of our ERP."

Larry Winfrey, Programmer Analyst

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Move Files Securely with GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

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