GoAnywhere MFT allows your employees to easily share files and collaborate with colleagues, customers, and trading partners. Whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud, you are always in control of your sensitive data to meet the most stringent compliance requirements with enterprise grade security and audit logs.

GoAnywhere MFT : Collaboration

GoAnywhere MFT provides multiple solutions to satisfy your file collaboration needs:

  • Secure Folders - The Secure Folders feature allows you to access authorized files and folders conveniently through a web browser and transfer files securely over HTTPS.
  • Secure Mail - Secure Mail allows you to send messages and files as secure packages on an ad-hoc basis. Messages and files are downloaded through a secure HTTPS connection, with no file size or file type restrictions.
  • Secure Forms - Create custom forms for gathering information and uploading files to your organization with GoAnywhere MFT Secure Forms. When a form is submitted, the data can be processed using GoAnywhere MFT automated workflows.
  • GoDrive - GoDrive is an Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) solution for your employees and trading partners. Share, revise, track and synchronize files and folders across Windows, Apple and Android devices.
  • Mobile Apps - Send ad-hoc file transfers with GoAnywhere MFT using the secure and intuitive GoAnywhere MFT mobile app. Available on Apple and Android devices.

Move Files Securely with GoAnywhere Managed File Transfer

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