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GoAnywhere is the leading managed file transfer solution.

GoAnywhere is the leading managed file transfer solution helping organizations worldwide streamline the exchange of data between systems. Centralize your processes and controls with one software solution that saves you time and money.

With its built-in and add-on modules, GoAnywhere gets your file transfers moving exactly how you want them. Learn how to set up GoAnywhere to secure and manage your file transfers better with this 30-minute webinar: Getting Started with Managed File Transfer

Brush up on GoAnywhere MFT's features and benefits.

GoAnywhere Feature Overview

Are you aware of all the features and benefits included in GoAnywhere? Getting GoAnywhere set up is easy – most users get their file transfer processes up and running in about an hour – but taking advantage of all the features might take some time. Brush up on GoAnywhere’s features:

  • A centralized, dashboard-style user interface designed by you, for you. Get a bird’s eye view of all the information flowing through GoAnywhere MFT, including current, scheduled, and past transfers, user actions, and more. Choose from over 20 gadgets to get insight into the stats that are most important to you.
  • Secure data and comply with data privacy laws and industry-specific requirements with end-to-end encryption, extensive user and security controls, and built-in auditing tools.
  • Automation. One of the biggest benefits of GoAnywhere is the ability to automate processes that used to be done manually. Set up your workflows to run step-by-step, schedule future or trigger-based transfers, easily monitor folders, stay up-to-date on the status of your successful or failed jobs, and integrate GoAnywhere with the applications, programs, and scripts you use every day.
  • Collaborate with your trading partners, clients, vendors, contractors, and colleagues securely, quickly, and from anywhere. An intuitive web client and mobile apps let you perform ad-hoc file transfers from anywhere, and sync and sharing capabilities make working together more secure than ever before. Plus, data translation technology lets you reorganize incoming and outgoing data to slot neatly into your and your trading partners’ databases.
  • Send and receive files flexibly. Different modules, like Secure Mail, Secure Forms, and Secure Folders let you collaborate, send and share large files, access authorized files through a web browser, and more.

Discover these and the other features that make GoAnywhere top-of-class among MFT products, as rated in Info-Tech Research Group’s 2020 report.

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GoAnywhere MFT helped us standardize our file transfer process. It also reduced our need to involve Development when we need to transfer files, and gives us the flexibility to re-run/reschedule jobs as needed."

Janelle Clark

Security Administrator/Analyst, Mortenson

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Organizations of all types benefit from GoAnywhere every day. Learn how in our case studies, where we sit down with current customers and ask about their previous solution, what led them to GoAnywhere, and how they’re using it today.

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Are you using GoAnywhere to the fullest? Is there a feature or module that you want to learn more about? Take a peek at our on-demand webinar series on some of our user’s favorite features and modules.

Secure Mail, Folders, and Gateway

One "oh crud" moment is all it takes for sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands. Thankfully, encrypting your data doesn’t have to be difficult. Make your file transfers more efficient with this 60-min webinar! You’ll learn about the danger of sharing and sending sensitive information without encryption, then see our Secure Mail, Secure Folders, and Gateway modules in action.

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EDI and AS2

If your organization exchanges EDI X12 documents with third-party vendors or trading partners, you will benefit from GoAnywhere’s new EDI X12 and XML data translation features.

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Advanced Workflows

Make your file transfers more efficient with this 30-minute webinar! You'll learn how to build advanced workflows that further optimize your business processes, then see a live use case demonstration of these workflows in GoAnywhere.

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Secure Forms

Make your file transfers more efficient with this 30-minute webinar! You'll learn how to safely gather sensitive information from customers, employees, and trading partners via a web form, then see a live use case demonstration of Secure Forms in GoAnywhere.

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Make your file transfers more efficient with this 30-minute webinar! You'll learn what MFT Agents do and how to manage them from a central deployment of your product, then see a live use case demonstration of MFT Agents in GoAnywhere.

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